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J. Anthony Brown Joins The Steve Harvey Morning Show!

After months of rumor and speculation, PREMIERE NETWORKS made it official — J. ANTHONY BROWN joins THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW TODAY (4/24).

BROWN said, “I’m cooking up a brand new funny to bring to THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW while I kick it with the crew, and of course, a couple of your favorites from me. Watch out deh now.”

HARVEY added, “I’ve known J since my very first comedy gig outside of CLEVELAND, and it’s my joy to be reunited with the man who taught me real comedy.  Get ready folks, we’re ‘bout to turn the funny meter up 10 notches.  Having J join SHIRLEY, NEPHEW TOMMY, CARLA, JUNIOR and myself is going to create bend over, stop the car, spit on your computer, spray your drink, gut-busting laugher.  We’ve also got lots of new stuff planned, so hang on, this is the best ride in all of radio.”

This past Fall Brown left THE TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW after more than 20-years.

Comic and radio host J. Anthony Brown, said in an exclusive interview last year that he left the Tom Joyner Morning Show over his desire to have his own weekend show. Upon which now Steve Harvey announced he willingly gave to him now on the new offer.

“It was not a salary dispute,” Brown said, addressing speculation along those lines. “It was based on me wanting to venture out and have my own weekend show. That’s it. We couldn’t come to terms. It was just time for me to leave… Sometimes people just disagree and part ways. That’s just what happened.”