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Sammie Heats Up the Sheets with New Song ‘Times 10’ Feat. Lil Baby

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Whew chile, Sammie is at it again, and this time causing some definite friction for the lovers in the bedroom with his latest single! The 31-year-old singer connected with rapper Lil Baby for a smooth track titled “Times 10.” In my MJ voice let me say, “you wanna be starting something”, and that is definitely what he has done, for the lovers of course. With over 20 years in the game, Sammie has always managed to keep the ladies mesmerized with his vocals and relate able music on experiences with love. This single takes me back, giving me 90s vibes, and I definitely feel this song will be on the playlist for every couple on Valentine’s night!

On the steamy track, he sings about reciprocating sexual acts with his love interest. “When you freakin’ me, baby, anything goes/But when you go down, I know you care and it shows/I’ll return the favor, baby, times ten…”

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Honey Sammie out here just trying to let that future wifey know that he is not stingy in the bedroom!

Sammie took to Instagram recently to announce that in his forthcoming album, which will be dropping soon, he will be more open with us. He has always been pretty transparent in his music career, so it comes as no surprise.

“On my forthcoming album, I’m exposing myself. My triumphs, my losses. My lies, my infidelities, hell even me recently having my heart broken for the first time in my life….I was hurt while creating this album.”

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A man chooses his wife. A man must make a conscience, intentional effort to pursue a woman even when he gets her. You should never stop chasing her. A man must kill and put away his childish ways, and make the commitment to commit every day, even when faced with temptation on the daily. Monogamy is real, I believe in it (to master it is key). It’s how it should be. He should enhance her mind, body, spirit, her smile and finances. On my forthcoming album I’m exposing myself. My triumphs, my losses. My lies, my infidelities, hell even me recently having my heart broken for the first true time in my life (karma, in some weird way I deserved it). I was hurt while creating this album. Emotionally & spiritually depleted, so much so I sought out a therapist to help me cope with what had transpired. I created this album for myself while simultaneously hoping and praying that the music resonates with you all. Humbled. Recharged. And ready to solidify my mark as a r&b (k)ing. *NEW ALBUM COMING SOON* 📸: @boogieloso #SammieSZN #Times10 #YoungLion #SA

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I know ladies you are thinking after hearing “Times 10” it’s a bit hard to imagine Sammie having a broken heart, like who would want to break his heart?! After all, he is the first child star of the millennial which we all crushed over the years! Let that sink in.

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Check out a preview of the video for “Times 10” by Sammie and Lil Baby below.

                                             Stream “Times 10” now by clicking here!

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