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BK Brasco of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reveals Why Just Brittany Was Arrested Last Weekend

Love and Hip-Hop has a newbie known as BK Brasco and a lot of things have been coming his way.   In a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show BK Brasco  is asked a few questions which helps us to finally gain some insight as to what’s been going on.

Brittany recently got arrested and BK was asked, “Do you know why she was arrested” he replies, “She told me she was sitting in the car and they asked her if she was drinking she then replied yes and then they took her to jail for DUI” he then added, “These cops don’t play.” BK was explaining how Brittany’s friend lost control of the car and went into a ditch. Brittany was not the driver but, her friend was. Brittany’s friend walked away, and Brittany sat in the driver seat waiting for the tow truck to come and that’s when cops arrived.

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Just Brittany of Love & Hip Hop Season 7

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Since Bk is a new member of Love and Hip Hop, a lot of other members probably do not like him. In the interview he was asked, “Is there someone you may have problem with in the future,” BK replied “You got to keep watching because its going to get spicy,” he explained how when they yell, “Cut”…“He isn’t looking over his shoulder and doesn’t find anyone a threat.

Fans and of course members of Love and Hip Hop always have a person they don’t like. BK explains how he doesn’t like Karlie Redd. “She is always in people’s business and doing the messy stuff” he says and includes that she is just being a woman.  He also mentioned another woman he doesn’t like “Keely” because she is going after his girlfriend. He states that he can definitely continue the show without these two messy females he explained.

Listen to the interview below!


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Amara La Negra Clears Up Dating Rumors With Usher And Chadwick Boseman

The reality TV star was rumored to be dating Chadwick Boseman and Usher.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami latino star Amara La Negra was recently a guest on The Domenick Nati Show on iHeart Radio on Thursday where she addressed dating rumors. The 27-year-old was rumored to be dating Chadwick Boseman and Usher, according to reports. The reality TV star told Nati she wasn’t dating Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman but only asked him to be the “main man” in her music video. The rapper told Nati she asked her fans for help in choosing a lead man for her video and Boseman was suggested. La Negra told Nati that Boseman was one of the actors she admired and she reached out to him and “that was all it was.” Now, people are trying to make a big deal out of nothing.

Nati asked, “Would you be interested in dating Chadwick Boseman, if the opportunity came about?”

She replied, “I personally don’t know him like that but if he’s the man you know, that can make me happy or whomever it is I am open to it.”

Check out the interview below!


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Ayo & Teo Discuss Who They Are Crushing On, Favorite Rappers & More!

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Ayo & Teo (Ayleo and Mateo Bowles) are a duo of American dancers who have appeared in music videos for Usher’s “No Limit” and Chris Brown’s “Party”. Their song “Rolex” peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. These two siblings built a rapid online following by posting videos of themselves dancing to the hottest new songs and inviting fans to do their best takes.

In a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show today, the duo discussed owning a rolex, their celebrity crushes, and more!

Of course since their popular song, “Rolex” was a major hit, some probably wondered if the company for Rolex had even considered contacting the duo for bringing them so much exposure. That question from Domenick of course brought a few laughs as they gave their response stating, “We wish…I think somebody with our management team reached out to them and that didn’t work out.”  

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With the increased rise of rap artist in the music industry, Ayo and Teo shared their thoughts on who they felt was the most underrated rapper out today.

“I swear this person is so underrated…..Roy Woods. He is a beast and he is very inspired by Michael Jackson. Just go look at Roy Woods one day.” -Ayo

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Besides staying busy with their amazing abilities to bring attention to the art of dance, these two shared who they were crushing on in the entertainment industry. Teo shared that his celebrity crush is Cardi B and Ayo’s is Actress Madison Pettis. When asked if they would love to do a song with Cardi B if the opportunity came up. They stated,

“That would be lit, we can make an anthem out of that.”

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Okay Cardi B, make sure you team up with these talented young guys for your next hit single.

Now just about every artist of course, has those in the music industry that they may admire or look up to. When it comes down to who these young men consider to be their top five rappers of all time, there was no hesitation in making that known.

“Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Kendrick, Migos and recently my boy Trippie Red” -Ayo

“Kanye, Kendrick, XXXTentacion, Rae Sremmurd, and Migos” -Teo

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Check out the interview Ayo and Teo had today on The Domenick Nati Show below!


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Whoopi Goldberg Ends Interview After Sexual Harassment Question

Whoopi Goldberg, has recently been showing up in the media lately after releasing information according to the Denver Business Journal about bringing her own cannabis products to the state of Colorado. Goldberg’s products are designed for women and aim to reduce pain and cramps from menstruation.  Goldberg founded her company last year, “Whoopi & Maya” and has been selling the product in about 300 dispensaries in California.

Besides working on the production of her cannabis products and clothing line, she was on The Domenick Nati Show today for about two minutes before hanging up. She began the discussion sharing some information about her new Holiday sweaters in her collection.


“They are my second collection, and they are as silly and wonderful as they were last year, but now they fit better and you can buy them at Zappos for $89 bucks. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are just meant to make you smile.”

The mood of the conversation soon switched as Domenick brought up the topic of sexual harassment, which has currently been a trending topic in the media lately. He asked Goldberg had she ever experienced sexual harassment in her career and she stated.

                                                                          “No, honey!”

Shortly after her response Whoopi Goldberg hung up the phone.

Check out the interview below.


Maybe today was one of those days that she was a bit exhausted on the subject of sexual harassment. Because recently during an appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,‘ ‘The View’ co-host gave her thoughts on Harvey Weinstein’s Academy removal and what she thinks is at the root of sexual harassment matters. Whoopi Goldberg voiced her thoughts on the recent wave of sexual assault and harassment claims against those in high position in Hollywood.

She admitted during that she wasn’t surprised by the volume of women coming forward, Goldberg argued that any act of sexual misconduct is about “power.” Goldberg explained, “People in power, be they men or women, always prey on people who they know won’t tell.”

When Colbert interjected that he “hadn’t heard of any women in this one,” The View co-host said she wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

“Not yet, but you know its coming. It’s all coming and what’s happening is women are taking back the narrative, because they’re saying, ‘Look, we’re going to make it dangerous for you to sexually assault us and sexually abuse us…’ You’re going to lose your power base if you do that from now on, because women are starting to speak,” Goldberg said.

 It’s definitely time that women begin to take a stand against sexual harassment and not just sit back and be silent about what is happening around them.


Source: The Domenick Nati Show