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Teyana Taylor Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Speaks On New Album, Meeting Janet Jackson, VH1 Show, & More!

Teyana Taylor‘s new VH1 show ‘Teyana & Iman’ airs tonight.

The multi-talented star stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss many different ventures going on from new music with Kanye West, her relationship with Iman Shumpert and more.

Check out the interview below! 


Mo’Nique Goes Head-to-Head with Charlamagne Over Netflix Boycott [Video]

Mo’Nique has been quite busy in the media these days!

After a brief match with Whoopi Goldberg during her appearance on ‘The View,’ Mo’Nique stopped by ‘The Breakfast Club’ and continued her Netflix boycott tour.


via Page Six:

“When I heard you say that you wanted us to boycott [Netflix] because of racial and gender bias … I wanted to know why did you feel like you should have gotten whatever Chris Rock got, whatever Dave Chappelle got, whatever Amy Schumer got … We all know Mo’Nique is a legend, but we also know that those deals that Netflix are giving out are based on recent stand-up shows,” he told the comedian during her appearance on “The Breakfast Club”Friday.

“I don’t think Amy Schumer is funny, but she did sell out 50 arenas around the world, including MSG, and HBO wanted her as well, so she created a bidding war on those stats, so I assume that’s the reason her number was at that place,” he continued.

Mo’Nique, 50, cited her box office stats for “Almost Christmas” versus Schumer’s for “Snatched,” but grew irritated when Charlemagne pointed out that Schumer’s Netflix deal was signed before “Snatched” hit theaters.

 But the radio host, 39, wouldn’t budge. “I just don’t understand how you can justify making $13 million in 2018 for a stand-up special … Was there a bidding war between platforms? Do you do the numbers in ticket sales that Chris Rock does, that Dave Chappelle does, that Amy Schumer does? … Why can’t you and [husband] Sidney [Hicks] book arena tours?” he asked Mo’Nique. “Have you received other offers from other streaming services? Or other places period?”

Mo’Nique blamed her woes on “being blackballed.”

The Oscar winner ended her interview with her opinion of Charlamagne’s impact on the black community.

“When you hear this brother’s voice come over the air, he does not have a value on black women and women of color,” she said, adding, “Unless he knew all the information and he could back up his statements, but as we sit here and we did this interview, you begin to ask questions that you should have asked before you made the statements.”

Watch the full interview below.

Hazel-E Calls Dark Skinned Women Monkeys & Says Gays Should Burn In Hell On Instagram

At the moment, Hazel-E is the opposite of #BlackGirlMagic. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member and Girl Code author is under fire after taking to Instagram to call out Brooke ValentineMoniece Slaughter, comedian Jess Hilarious and numerous others for being “jealous” of her lighter complexion — right after saying she hopes “all gays die and burn in hell.”

You have to be mindful of the things you say because now Hazel-E has pretty much ended her career because of what she stated. Let’s be mindful that Mona Scott Young is one of the dark skinned women who pays your bills.  I’m truly in shock that such things would be said about dark skinned women when at the end of the day we are all black no matter the shade and lovely in the sight of God. Secondly God loves all people and no matter what your sin may be, he wants us all to be saved and live a prosperous life. It is not his plan to send us all to hell but to help us to make it in to heaven. The bible says that Jesus did not come to condemn the world so by her claiming that “all gays” should die and burn in hell is taking yourself up in a position above what God says.

After checking out the footage above one could only wonder what was going on when Hazel-E decided to make these statements. Either way it has caused not only backlashes but it has caused major brands that were once united with the Reality Star to cut ties. Earlier this year we filmed at the Shoedazzle location in Los Angeles, California, with Hazel-E and now Shoedazzle has stated that they are cutting off business with her!


With social media in a rage behind it, Hazel-E is eating her words, and asking her LGBT fans to forgive her for saying gays should burn in hell.

TMZ stated that they spoke to Hazel on Thursday … the day after she went on a homophobic social media rant. Which of course started after someone accused her boyfriend and fellow ‘LHHH’ star Rose Burgandy of being gay, and they both went crazy — invoking the Bible, and wishing a fiery death on all gays.

Hazel admits it wasn’t the brightest thing to do, especially because she relies heavily on the LGBT community’s support. She’s now backing off the death wish, but she’s clinging to the religious part of her rant. Sadly once you say something, it is out there and you can’t take back your words. This is why you must guard your tongue because it can be the difference between you being in the rich house and then cast back down into the poor house. It’s also quite depressing that some black women are still falling under the traits of the Willie Lynch syndrome which consisted of separating yourself based on the level of your “blackness”. You know the light skinned negro was in the house and the dark skinned negro was kept out in the fields. Haven’t we been separated enough as black people and black women? Why can’t we unite? White people did enough separating with us during slavery, and still some do the same today, so why keep this mess up by separating yourselves from yourselves?!

Check out what she shared with TMZ below.


What do you all have to say about Hazel-E’s actions? Share in the comments below.

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Tamar Braxton Dishes It All On ‘The Breakfast Club’


Tamar Braxton is strutting the promo trail in support of new album ‘Blue Bird Of Happiness.’

Image result for tamar braxton blue bird

Today she stopped by ‘The Breakfast Club’ and of course honey you know she dished on everything that had been surfacing in the media!


Sitting down with Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee, the 40-year-old opened up about her LP, why it’s her last, record sales, and her issues with Tiny and Toya Wright. Tamar also was honest about husband Vince‘s recent Sony Music lawsuit, touring with Xscape and Monica, and a whole lot more.

Check out the interview below!



Charlamagne tha God and Rolling Stone have settled their beef in a charitable way … teaming up to make a donation after the magazine printed a headline falsely accusing him of making transphobic comments.

We’re told the money will go to the National Black Justice Coalition. The exact amount is unknown but we’re told it’s in the thousands.

The ‘Breakfast Club’ host had fired off a legal letter to RS demanding an apology and retraction after they picked up his July interview with comedian, Lil Duval. Duval had made headlines by alluding that he’d kill a transgender woman if he discovered he’d unknowingly slept with one. RS then ran a headline saying Charlamagne made transphobic comments, which Charlamagne called defamatory since he never made such remarks. Rolling Stone later changed the headline.

In a joint statement on Thursday, Charlamagne and Rolling Stone explained: “We hope this gesture brings more attention to the very important issue of equal rights and treatment of the LGBTQ community.”


David Banner Drops Knowledge on The Breakfast Club!


I absolutely love David Banner even the more for all the knowledge he has been dropping all over to our youth and to black people.

Banner has been one of the more spiritually inspiring rappers in the game. Though he’s been ghost for quite some time his upcoming album The God Box is getting pre-ordered in massive numbers right now. You can pre-order the God Box now which will be out on May 19! He dropped by The Breakfast Club earlier this week and shared some jewels and what’s sure to be controversial thoughts such as his feelings that Black people aren’t racist enough, Hip-Hop giving in to white supremacy, and why Donald Trump being President is a good thing.  He broke down what he meant by saying black people are not racist enough by stating that we should start being more for our race just as other races are more for themselves. During one of the greatest moments of his career, David Banner went through a depression and realized money doesn’t guarantee happiness. He also mentioned in the interview that when you discover that you are the light….you no longer run to the light. This statement was followed by him explaining an example between how A- List celebrities and B-List celebrities react to the flashing lights from the paparazzi. He stated A-List celebrities run away from the light because they know they are the light while B-List celebrities run to the lights because they still don’t know who they are. This interview was so very deep and I enjoyed and captured every bit of knowledge that he dropped!
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Be sure to check out the interview above and comment below if you enjoyed what he had to say!