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Young African American Author, George Stringer Is Helping Youth Cope With Peer Pressure!

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“Every Choice Renders A Consequence” – Author George A. Stringer

As a child, your parents usually chose your friends, and only allowed you to socialize, or play with certain children they knew and liked. But once you became older, you were able to gain the freedom, and responsibility of deciding and choosing who your friends were. You and your friends make a ton of decisions every day, and you influence each other’s choices and behaviors.

As you become more independent, your peers naturally play a greater role in your life. As school and other activities take you away from home, you may spend more time with peers than you do with your parents and siblings. You’ll probably also find yourself developing close friendships with some of your peers, and may feel so connected to them that they are like an extended family. These peers also influence you by the way they dress and act, things they’re involved in, and the attitudes they show. It’s just about normal for people to identify with and compare themselves to their peers as they consider how they wish to be or think they should be.

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After noticing the major influence that peer pressure was having within his local community with youth, a young author by the name of George A. Stringer decided to seek ways to inspire others through his fictional stories of hope. In his most recent book titled, “Why Me” he shares information about a young boy by the name of Adam who is trying to cope with peer pressure. The character, Adam, finds himself dealing with the challenges of starting a new school, and later wandering aimlessly toward the wrong group of friends, which leads to more life threatening problems.

We know that during the teen years it can be hard to handle peer pressure if you do not have the proper guidance at home from loved ones. The young author shared some insight about his book and how young kids could overcome the temptations of peer pressure.

What are some positive ways that parents can better understand what their teens are dealing with?

“The best way is to communicate with your kids. Sit down and talk with them. Don’t always yell at them, but take your time to encourage them whether through the bible or your own personal experiences. Let them know about mistakes you have made and the roads to not take. Also remember to get out and do fun things with your kids so they feel comfortable talking to you about what they are dealing with.”

The character Adam in your book has parents that are part of the ministry. Do you feel that kids growing up in church have a hard time expressing themselves to their parents that may be in the ministry?

“Yes and no, but the big issue I have found is mainly about being able to hang out with your friends. That is where dealing with growing up in the ministry for teens can sometimes be tough. I grew up in a small church, all I had was my brother and if you can hang out with other kids especially those in the church then it can be a big help.”

In his book “Why Me”, he expresses that the inspiration behind the book comes from the fact that most young people when faced with adversity tend to question themselves and their situation. Often they overlook the fact that the cause of those situations come from the bad decisions that they tend to make in life.  With his book, he hopes to take young people down a path of hope and inspiration with shared knowledge on how to overcome the most difficult times you can face as a teen in life.

Check out his book now by clicking HERE.




May is National Foster Care Month!

May is National Foster Care Month, a month set aside to recognize foster parents, family members, volunteers, mentors, policymakers, child welfare professionals, and other members of the community who help children and youth in foster care find permanent homes and connections. During National Foster Care Month, people join in renewing our commitment to ensure a bright future for the over 400,000 children and youth in foster care, and we celebrate all those who make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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It’s so very important to join in supporting the youth and even teens who are in Foster Care. Many of them have family members who are not able to take care of them, and that alone is a struggle for a child. Family means everything to youth who end up in this system, and it’s difficult at times for them to cope with the process of being sent away to a home to dwell with people they do not know.

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I grew up in and out of Foster care as a child and even in my teen years. It was a very difficult experience. As a teenager it was very hard to attach myself with strangers and it created anger within me because I simply wanted to just have a stable home with my real family. I felt so lost and I went through a phase where I felt I was not loved or wanted by anyone. I’m so grateful that I had a Foster family that was spiritually grounded to take me in and show me the true love of God. They helped restore my self esteem and made me feel wanted and part of their family.

Kids that go through Foster Care often feel as if they are not wanted or loved. They feel rejected and as if they are not worthy of being here. Many are suicidal and many find themselves involved in substance abuse to help them cope with how they feel. This is why its so very important for them to dwell in the homes of people who can show them true love and remind them that they are worthy of love.

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So be sure to get in touch with your local Child Services office to see how you can help make a difference in a child’s life!