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Phillip Hudson Drops “Too Much” Ft. Tahjz

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Phillip Hudson is a YouTube phenomenon! He is well known for his collaborative channel with his brother Emmanuel Hudson. Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson were both born in Mississippi but later their family moved to Atlanta. As kids, their natural ability to entertain was prevalent. While in school, they easily won over their classmates with their dancing, comedy, and rapping. In January 2012, the duo received their big break when they shared their video for their catchy and hilarious song, “Ratchet Girl Anthem,” on YouTube, which hit over 13 million views! The comedy rap duo even appeared on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. 

While his brother Emmanuel has been busy with series such as Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, he has also been busy making television appearances and still showcasing his talent with music.

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Phillip Hudson appears in Season 2: Insecure

Those who keep up with the talented duo know that in the midst of the jokes, they are very talented vocally. So it was no surprise when Phillip recently dropped his song, “Too Much” on Friday which features Tahjz and fans went crazy! The beat alone is super dope!

Check out the video below & Comment your thoughts if you are rocking with it!


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Phillip Hudson




Grammy Nominated Billboard Songwriter/Producer James Worthy Talks Break Out Hip Hop Group Collaboration, “Kings X2”!

This Exclusive Interview was with our brand founder, Tanisha Davis and was featured in Sheen Magazine!


Billboard Songwriter/Producer James A. Worthy is one of the hardest working producers in the industry. Accompanying his musical flexibility, James has credits with various artists including Grammy Nominated Musicians & Award Winners such as: Dr. Dre, B Angie B, Arrested Development, Men At Large, T-Pain, Future, Bobby Valentino, and many more.  James has been working hard this year from making appearances in movies like “Love By Chance,” and on hit reality shows, all while helping to produce sensational music for other artists.

Now he is taking things to even higher levels by teaming up with another artist, International Nova.

The New Rap & R&B Group called “Kings X2” has just recently hit the #10 spot on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart with their debut single “Wine For Me.” The song is quickly climbing into the radio markets and is projected to hit the #1 spot this month. These two talented artists coming together has definitely been creating a lot of buzz! The group started following the production of new music by International Nova’s remake of Big Pun’s, “Don’t Want To Be A Player.” Worthy performed on the single and from there the two continued to make their own records, shortly after forming the group, known as “King X2”.

What these two are doing is quite phenomenal with their combination of Hip-Hop and R&B. The Hip-Hop industry has not really seen many successful male duos team up since legendary rap duos like OutKast, Ying Yang Twins, Method Man & Redman, and more to name a few since the early 2000s.



When asked what makes the group stand out in the Hip Hop industry today? Worthy replied, “There are very few duos in Hip Hop today, but what makes us stand out is because we incorporate all genres within melody and arrangements. On top of me being a producer, I know what sounds right.”

James Worthy recently opened up yesterday during a radio interview with Starrdom100 Blog Radio Show, about other projects to expect from him this year and more with the new group collaboration. Be sure to check out the interview on Blog Talk Radio TODAY!

Be on the lookout for more hot music from the group this year and their album release which will be announced soon.

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Our brand founder, Tanisha Davis is a writer for Sheen Magazine.


Jason Weaver Talks Industry Life & More!

Exclusive Interview with our brand founder, Tanisha D. Davis for Sheen Magazine!

Jason Weaver is a familiar face that has grown up before our very own eyes. From having a music career to starring in shows such as “Brewster Place”, “Thea”, “Smart Guy”, and in movies like The Jacksons: An American Dream, ATL, Drumline and more, Weaver has had quite the productive life. While many of the ladies were fascinated by his charming looks and captured by his many personality traits on set, we missed the opportunity to truly learn more about the talented actor outside of the big screen. Now in his late 30s, he gives us a more in-depth look at his life coming up.

Photo Credit: Jason Weaver

What were the pros and cons of starting out in the industry at such a young age?

“With the pros, I would honestly say that the real cool thing about starting off at a young age is being able to kind of pursue your passion or professional career young. A lot of people don’t really figure that out in life until later on. Fortunately for me, I was blessed with recognizing that passion early on, and having the proper support system around me to help facilitate that, and bring it to life. The only cons would be that with being so young in the industry, a lot of your peers at that age can’t really relate to you in a sense of like when you go out and do a movie or a show. So when you come home to be a regular kid again, sometimes I think the people around you may have a tendency to be more intimidated by that than you actually are, which kind of forces people to treat you a certain way because of their own insecurities.”


In the midst of acting, you also had a singing career. Do you see yourself in pursuit of releasing anymore music?

“You know what, it’s a lot of people who have asked me that lately and I may. If I release something, I really want it to be a representation of me and where I am right now as an artist, and a man. It’s just all about the right timing, and the right setting. It’s something I’m looking to entertain in the near future. Currently I’m just working on an animated series that I’m producing now, but over the next six months I may release a few songs.”


  What was it like portraying the image of young Michael Jackson?

“That was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Having the opportunity to play an icon, and a legend like Michael Jackson, as well as to be able to work with his family, and have his approval of me playing him in that role, was an honor. It’s something that I will always look back on for the rest of my life, and really cherish. I’m grateful for the opportunity that God gave me in order to experience that.”

 You are admired by a lot of women especially back in your teen years. How do you handle that attention now verses back then?

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“When you are a teenage young man, finding yourself out in the world, with young ladies that admire you and find you attractive, that’s gratifying. Any young man in that position would enjoy it and take it as it comes. I definitely had my fun as a young man but as I have gotten older, I realized that there is way more to life and way more to relationships with a woman than just hanging out with the fly chick just because she is throwing herself at you. As you grow out of that you search for things that are more meaningful when having a relationship with a woman.”


         What are some qualities that you admire and look for in a woman?

“I really dig honesty, transparency, and just somebody who is a good person overall. Someone who is compassionate towards others and understanding. I’m not into shallow individuals. I like women who have a really strong sense of who they are, have their own self-identity, and are not really hung up on trying to fit societies mold. When dealing with someone like me, who is in the entertainment industry, you have to be really secure within yourself.”

Jason Weaver is such a phenomenal actor and with being a father he has changed a lot. His focus now is on setting a positive example for his son. I’m excited that he still has that heartfelt love for what he does which has helped to keep him standing strong in the industry over the years! Be on the lookout for his animated series and more by following him on social media at (itsjasonweaver).

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This exclusive interview with our brand founder, Tanisha Davis was featured in Sheen Magazine!

Tanisha Davis is a writer with Sheen Magazine.

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Photo Credit: Jason Weaver