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Racism Strikes At A Waffle House In Saraland, Alabama! A Black Female Was Slammed To The Floor By White Cops After Asking For Plastic Utensils!

A very disturbing video went viral over social media on Saturday night as a video of a young black female was shown being slammed to the floor and dragged out of her clothes across a Waffle House floor in Saraland, Alabama. The young lady had asked an employee by the name of ‘Goldie’ if she could simply have plastic utensils. After being told by the employee that they charge ’50 cents” for customers to receive plastic utensils, the young lady began to inquire reasons for why she was being charged after stating she had never been charged before, and simply asked for the corporate number to report it.

Waffle House - Saraland, AL
Waffle House, 1204 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, AL 36571

The racist Waffle House employee then proceeded to call the Saraland Police Department out. The young lady who was seen sitting down and not bothering anyone was telling the white male officer while sitting in a chair by the window, “We haven’t did nothing”.

The white male officer as seen in the video is shown tugging on the young lady being referred to in the video as “Ke-Ke” while she is peacefully sitting still and not showing any signs of causing conflict to the officer or anyone else.

It is very important to know your rights, if you think a cop is doing something wrong to you, you can get in more trouble if you try to resist or fight back.  It’s usually a good idea to stay calm which you can see in the video she was simply sitting down and being calm.

The behavior of these officers was completely inappropriate! These officers had this innocent young woman fully exposed!

There was no respect shown to this woman!

Take a look at the video below!

She was slammed to the floor and told she would be arrested, but for what??? All of this over her asking for plastic utensils! We have to ask ourselves would this have happened to a white person?

Is this how Waffle House treats people who spend their money with them? Are we not free to ask Waffle House employees like “Goldie” for plastic utensils without white cops coming and slamming us to the floor and revealing us to the world as if we are not even human or worthy of respect?!

At no point was the Waffle House employee threatened for her life over plastic utensils to the point where police officers had to come out and treat this young lady the way they did. This is absolutely unacceptable from the Saraland Police Department! There was a better way to handle the situation and they failed to do so. The duty of officers are to protect citizens and they go through training to learn how to handle and meet the needs of those in the community. Had these officers utilized very simple communication skills this situation could have been better handled.

The community is in an outrage and requesting that the Waffle House employee be fired and that the officers involved receive some type of penalty for what they did to the young lady. A peaceful protest was held today at the Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama located at, 1204 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, AL 36571 where the incident happened.

The Saraland Police Department was called out again to what was simply a peaceful protest!

Check out the Facebook live video from one of the community leaders James, who participated in the peaceful protest along with a few others. He is part of the “Bigg Yow & J-45 Live Morning Show Podcast” in Mobile, Alabama which stays active with discussing what’s going on in the community.

A reporter with one of the local news station, WKRG News so far has been the only media present at the scene concerning this matter.

Watch the video below!


The community wants answers and we want to know what is going to happen following this horrible mistreatment to the young lady.

Where is the mayor of Saraland, Alabama? Is this what Saraland Police Department represents?

Is Saraland, Alabama another city willing to support racism and more importantly is Waffle House supporting racism? If Waffle House will not stand up against this employee just as Starbucks recently did then do we really want to continue giving them any business?!

We will keep you updated about this story as it unfolds.


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