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Nakeisha Turk of ‘Kicking & Screaming’ Gives Her Take On The Show!

Nakeisha Turk of 'Kicking & Screaming' sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine.

“I was like wait what….because I didn’t realize how extreme it was going to be, so I was in shock.” -Nakeisha Turk

Fox’s ‘Kicking & Screaming’ star Nakeisha Turk is a professional NBA cheerleader who delights in all things girly; from shopping, beauty and more. However she discovered that there was nothing girly about the jungles of Fiji, where Turk found herself dropped off, kicking and screaming, along with other cast members of the show. Turk was one of ten paired with ten survivalists in the Fox’s new reality show. At the end of the show, the winning pair receive a prize of 500,000. The eight week series premiered on March 9. Kontrol had the pleasure of getting some scoop on what the experience was like for her.

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine.

So how does a professional NBA cheerleader end up on a show like, ‘Kicking & Screaming’? Well Nakeisha states that the experience was definitely a huge difference for her because she enjoys the glitz and glam of life, while the jungles of Fiji were the exact opposite.

“I was actually found on Instagram by a casting agent, and the reason she was able to find me is because she discovered me in this magazine called Jezebel. She felt I had a cool back story and lifestyle, so that’s how she found me. I was then told about this show and what it entailed, and at first I was like no until she told me about how I would have a partner and we could win 500,000, and then I was like okay I’m interested.” She stated while laughing.

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine

I mean who wouldn’t want to participate in the chances to win that amount of money. They can fly me out today for the show!  Being dropped off in a jungle, has to be the wildest experience ever so we could only imagine what hit her mind when she landed along with others.

“I was like wait what, because I didn’t realize how extreme it was going to be so I was in shock.” -Nakeisha Turk

 So after being dropped off in the middle of a jungle, I’m sure you all are wondering what some of her daily activities consisted of right?

Image result for nakeisha turk“We slept on the ground literally, and our day consisted of mainly trying to find food, because you have to have food. We were looking for plants and we had our partners who were very experienced on what was edible and what was not. We looked for berries, and mainly anything that we could eat. That was most of the day, and we were always trying to find sticks and wood to keep our fire burning because our fire was the only source we had for making food and even staying warm. Sometimes we would have challenges and that was how you could get eliminated.”-Nakeisha Turk


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Turk also shared that she had a really good partner to help through the experience.

“My partner was awesome, he was a sniper in Bagdad and he was part of the group who found Saddam Hussein. We bumped heads at times on the show, simply because he was so military and I was so girly.

However we managed to work together and do what we needed to do to survive”.

 After experiencing the jungles of Fiji, Nakeisha felt that there was nothing she could not do in life, if she applied herself.  She expressed that she was able to walk away from the experience with a very important life lesson, which we all could honestly take and apply to our daily lives.

“I really came back realizing just how lucky we all are. When you don’t have things, it’s like man I really need that. When I was focus on just surviving, I came back not really tripping on the little things. You come back with the mindset of like, if it’s not contributing to my success or to me personally, then it really doesn’t matter.”

We could definitely relate to that mindset, because we take so much for granted and we don’t realize until it’s gone, just how valuable it is.  Nakeisha added, 

“We are all so blessed and I feel a lot stronger as a person. I know now that I can take on anything. A lot of us say no to things and we’re really picky about what we want to eat, you know because we can be…but when you don’t have that option, you do what you have to do. So I feel tougher, and more confident in myself because I got the experience to do something that only twenty people in this world could say they did and survived it. I got to be on an awesome show, in an awesome country, so I’m very grateful for everything.”

Nakeisha truly went through an amazing, and challenging experience that not only helped her view life different but showed her she could take on whatever the world tossed her way. Be sure to check Nakeisha Turk out on this season of, ‘Kicking & Screaming’, and remember that you can survive anything even if you’re just a girly girl!

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine
Nakeisha Turk