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Recording Artist Malina Moye Brings Fire & Emotion To Rock & Roll!

Malina Moye sits down in an interview with Kontrol Magazine.

Malina Moye is Phenomenal & A Face to know in Rock & Roll!

Malina Moye embraces her unique brand, bringing charisma, fire, and emotion to music unlike any artist in the world today. As a savvy businesswoman, she has taken her childhood dream and turned it into an empire. She is what I consider to be positively explosive, and spiritually grounded. That is simply just a vast hint to explaining the multi-talented, left handed guitarist, singer, songwriter, and luminary star, Malina Moye. 

When discussing who she felt inspired by in the industry of pop culture, she stated that that there were  so many influences, and that seeing Tina Turner, Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and even looking at You Tube videos helped to inspire and motivate her as a musician. She mentioned that just being able to see the type of energy and power that these people would bring to music was simply unbelievable!

Malina Moye sits down in an interview with Kontrol Magazine.
Malina Moye
After releasing her single “Girlfriend” and cross-marketing it with her calendar “Spend 12 Months With Malina Moye: Hot Fun in California Sun,” she caught the attention of the crowds, who considered Malina to be almost a resemblance of Madonna! This helped land her song, “Girlfriend”, on the R&B Hip-Hop Sales Billboard listing at number 43 for one week. Guitar World Magazine even named Moye as one of the ten female guitarists in the world to know!

Her down to earth but passionate spirit for reaching the world with her music has no limits. Not only is she for creating an amazing tune, but also for meeting the needs of those who share in the experience of dreams larger than life.

Malina Moye sits down in an interview with Kontrol Magazine.
Malina Moye is the Co-Founder of DriveHope.org

Malina’s humanitarian efforts include serving as co-founder of DriveHope.org a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to helping individuals elevate themselves and their communities. Drive Hope’s mission is to step in at the right moment and help those who may come from less-fortunate circumstances to see greater options for their lives. Whether it’s bringing inspiring role models to speak to classrooms and social organizations with Drive Hope’s ‘Friends Lift Friends’ program, or in the form of funding education programs and scholarships for students who are working toward a desired field, Drive Hope’s mission is to open minds and fuel success. (drivehope.org)

Just last year the Drive Hope Youth Choir performed with Stevie Wonder at Stevie Wonder’s 21st annual House Full of Toys event on Dec 9, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

“When someone is in their element, they shine bright and inspire others without even trying. By helping one person achieve their dream, their family and friends are affected positively too. And this is a beautiful thing!”  — Malina Moye

Outside of her music, Moye recently has joined the ensemble cast of indie film “The Samuel Project,” shooting this month in San Diego. She will play a supporting role opposite Emmy and Tony award winner Hal Linden-best known for portraying the title role in the long running series “Barney Miller,” and star of Disney’s “Pair of Kings,” Ryan Ochoa.

Malina Moye sits down in an interview with Kontrol Magazine.
Malina Moye

Malina Moye is truly such an inspiration as a recording artist and humanitarian. She has carved out her own lane among the new genre of Rock artists with her own fabulous blend of Funk and Rock. With her popping red lipstick and fly fashion, she lights up the stage with her guitar! She is definitely bringing recognition for being a phenomenal Black woman in a genre of music that was once thought to have limits to certain cultures!

Nakeisha Turk of ‘Kicking & Screaming’ Gives Her Take On The Show!

Nakeisha Turk of 'Kicking & Screaming' sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine.

“I was like wait what….because I didn’t realize how extreme it was going to be, so I was in shock.” -Nakeisha Turk

Fox’s ‘Kicking & Screaming’ star Nakeisha Turk is a professional NBA cheerleader who delights in all things girly; from shopping, beauty and more. However she discovered that there was nothing girly about the jungles of Fiji, where Turk found herself dropped off, kicking and screaming, along with other cast members of the show. Turk was one of ten paired with ten survivalists in the Fox’s new reality show. At the end of the show, the winning pair receive a prize of 500,000. The eight week series premiered on March 9. Kontrol had the pleasure of getting some scoop on what the experience was like for her.

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine.

So how does a professional NBA cheerleader end up on a show like, ‘Kicking & Screaming’? Well Nakeisha states that the experience was definitely a huge difference for her because she enjoys the glitz and glam of life, while the jungles of Fiji were the exact opposite.

“I was actually found on Instagram by a casting agent, and the reason she was able to find me is because she discovered me in this magazine called Jezebel. She felt I had a cool back story and lifestyle, so that’s how she found me. I was then told about this show and what it entailed, and at first I was like no until she told me about how I would have a partner and we could win 500,000, and then I was like okay I’m interested.” She stated while laughing.

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine

I mean who wouldn’t want to participate in the chances to win that amount of money. They can fly me out today for the show!  Being dropped off in a jungle, has to be the wildest experience ever so we could only imagine what hit her mind when she landed along with others.

“I was like wait what, because I didn’t realize how extreme it was going to be so I was in shock.” -Nakeisha Turk

 So after being dropped off in the middle of a jungle, I’m sure you all are wondering what some of her daily activities consisted of right?

Image result for nakeisha turk“We slept on the ground literally, and our day consisted of mainly trying to find food, because you have to have food. We were looking for plants and we had our partners who were very experienced on what was edible and what was not. We looked for berries, and mainly anything that we could eat. That was most of the day, and we were always trying to find sticks and wood to keep our fire burning because our fire was the only source we had for making food and even staying warm. Sometimes we would have challenges and that was how you could get eliminated.”-Nakeisha Turk


Image result for nakeisha turk on kicking & screaming

Turk also shared that she had a really good partner to help through the experience.

“My partner was awesome, he was a sniper in Bagdad and he was part of the group who found Saddam Hussein. We bumped heads at times on the show, simply because he was so military and I was so girly.

However we managed to work together and do what we needed to do to survive”.

 After experiencing the jungles of Fiji, Nakeisha felt that there was nothing she could not do in life, if she applied herself.  She expressed that she was able to walk away from the experience with a very important life lesson, which we all could honestly take and apply to our daily lives.

“I really came back realizing just how lucky we all are. When you don’t have things, it’s like man I really need that. When I was focus on just surviving, I came back not really tripping on the little things. You come back with the mindset of like, if it’s not contributing to my success or to me personally, then it really doesn’t matter.”

We could definitely relate to that mindset, because we take so much for granted and we don’t realize until it’s gone, just how valuable it is.  Nakeisha added, 

“We are all so blessed and I feel a lot stronger as a person. I know now that I can take on anything. A lot of us say no to things and we’re really picky about what we want to eat, you know because we can be…but when you don’t have that option, you do what you have to do. So I feel tougher, and more confident in myself because I got the experience to do something that only twenty people in this world could say they did and survived it. I got to be on an awesome show, in an awesome country, so I’m very grateful for everything.”

Nakeisha truly went through an amazing, and challenging experience that not only helped her view life different but showed her she could take on whatever the world tossed her way. Be sure to check Nakeisha Turk out on this season of, ‘Kicking & Screaming’, and remember that you can survive anything even if you’re just a girly girl!

Nakeisha Turk sits down for an interview with Kontrol Magazine
Nakeisha Turk

The Prince of R&B ‘Sammie’ Talks Life In The Music Industry & More!

Sammie Leigh Bush

Sammie (The Prince of R&B) is known to many for his first appearance on the music scene at the young age of only twelve years old. He also had appearances on the Apollo beside Steve Harvey. Sammie entered the music scene winning over the hearts of young girls with the release of his hit single, “I Like It” (1999) from his debut album, ‘From the Bottom To the Top’ (2000). I still remember trying to keep up with the dance moves in front of the television.


While all eyes were on this handsome young boy from Florida, nothing but success continued to follow him and young ladies were covering their walls with posters of Sammie. This was during a time where we excitedly waited for a copy of Word Up! Magazine to get pictures of our favorite artist!

Sammie Leigh Bush

In 2001, Sammie did a collaboration with fellow young stars, Lil Wayne, Lil Zane, and Lil Bow Wow, where he was singing the hook from the Hardball movie soundtrack. The love for a young boy from Florida, continued to take off.

 And then suddenly, it all stopped. Where did Sammie disappear to?  

Starrdom100 speaks with Sammie Leigh Bush

Sammie’s break from the music industry to focus on school, left many of his fans wondering whether he was gone for good or would return back to the music scene. During the interview with Starrdom100, the singer expressed his apologies for stepping away from the scene without giving his fans any notice.

“I’m grateful that fans were right there waiting for me to come back, because it is a scary thing….they could turn their ears off but they still want to listen to my music, and they still care about what I go through, and I’m very humble & grateful for that”. –Sammie

Image result for sammieHe showed his love for fans by appearing back on the music scene with his second album, ‘Sammie’ in (2006). The first single “You Should Be My Girl”, and one of my favorite singles to this day, “Come With Me” which had all of his fans to include me falling back in love!



Fans who had the luxury of experiencing the era of music that Sammie grew up in, enjoy his music because it still promotes love. Today’s music scene has sadly ventured away from artists singing about being in love, today singing about loving someone almost seems…extinct.

“It’s almost seen as being weak  if you show love and compassion….I don’t know when love became forbidden, but that’s where R&B derived from. Because in love there is pain, pleasure, there’s mistakes, there’s monogamy, there’s so much content in love. Auto tune gave rappers the ability to rap with melody, and it kind of tricked my industry peers to do the same. That’s when the music industry for R&B derailed. You can’t bash women…it’s almost like R&B singers don’t like women anymore and that’s kind of crazy!” We always did it for the ladies, I never got lost in that, and I always felt they were going the wrong way, and as long as I stayed right where I’m at, I would be one of the ones to resurrect R&B and save it.”


Sammie has definitely never changed up on his fans with the music, and we know that it’s not easy to stay the same in an industry that is forever changing. We are glad that Sammie never stepped away from what made us fall in love with him in the first place; I mean love was what he was singing about from day one and we still can hear that same compassion in his music today. Too many artist lose touch with what brought their fans to them in the first place…change is not always good.

For those who follow him on Social Media, there is not a dull moment with Sammie, he is always singing to his fans and at times showing off a bit of skin to keep our attention.

Sammie has continued to work as an Independent Artist, releasing his third single off of his “I’m Him” EP, entitled “Better” which will be out next month. Sammie also will be going on tour in the Fall, so ladies get ready to lose your voices at the foot of the stage as we brace ourselves for the take-off with the handsome prince of R&B….Sammie!

Check Out the Full Interview on Starrdom100.




Nikko London

Londell Smith (41) better known by his stage name Nikko London, is known for his music as well as grand appearance on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The artist is known virally for a tape that happened to leak back in 2014 with another Reality Star, Mimi Faust.

After all of the commotion from the show and appearances on other shows such as Marriage Boot camp, the artist has a story for us all.

London recently teamed up with published Author Mya Kay to write his new book titled, “Sex, Entertainment & Lies”. The book is going to be a “tell all” book about the struggles of Nikko London within the Entertainment Industry, secrets shared and how he got to where he is now.

Nikko London encountered a lot of hate behind his appearance on the Reality TV Show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Queen Dynasty was able to sit down with Nikko London in a recent interview to get some facts about his life after the show and to discuss his new book.

So what led Nikko to the idea for writing a book?

 “I felt like people needed to know more about me, I’m a question mark to so many. The idea of me writing this book was to give people a better understanding of me. I also wanted people to have a part of me forever; this is something that’s going to live on. This is literally two decades of me in this book and this is what shaped me into who I am today”.

We all are curious to know what we can learn from his book and London as well as Author Mya chimed in to share a brief highlight of the book.

“The book is about, “Sex Entertainment & Lies” to sum it up. There was the celebrity woman that I fooled around with, the griminess of the entertainment business and the lies I told. Let me add, also the lies that were told on me as well. This book contains two decades of my survival and hustle. ‘Mya Kay’ added that they will also get to see the musician side.  You’re going to get a man in this book who had 4 major record deals that people didn’t even know about.  For a show to be called Love & Hip Hop, and not highlight the Hip Hop part of him was unusual. He had value before the show.”

It’s truly difficult for any one person to experience everything that London did after being on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, while maintaining a productive career. The star shared with us what life had been like for him after the show.

“Man, how can I sum this up?! Life after Love & Hip Hop has been a rollercoaster. It’s like a love & hate relationship with people I don’t even know. They only know me from the show but it’s taken me down some rough roads trying to make money, secure branding deals and walk through’s with promoters. It’s been a



challenge and it hasn’t been an easy road, but I’m still out here hustling & doing what I got to do. They don’t really hate me ….just what they saw on the show.”     


If you follow Nikko London on Instagram then you can definitely get a taste of what he has been busy working on. London has shared some excellent videos of his fitness training and spoke to us about the program and other projects.

“Currently I’m launching an online fitness company called ‘Zeek Pack’. It focuses on teaching people body weight training and how to use their own body weight to gain maximum results and look their best. The system also comes with a nutrition plan. It’s a lifestyle journey to health and fitness. I also have my music, and a single coming out called ‘No Hold Back’. I have an EP coming out as well but it’s currently untitled. The single is out right now and honestly I’m excited about that.”


Besides posting amazing fitness videos, advice and working on his music, we were interested in his experience on the Reality Show Marriage Boot Camp. The show allowed viewers the chance to get to know more about Nikko London & his relationship with Margo.

“The Marriage Boot camp was fun and honestly speaking, it was laidback and I really got a chance to know myself. I experienced a lot on that show but was also able to build a bridge again with me and Margo as friends and get that understanding back because we had been so distant for like four years. The show kind of broke that in half and I kind of rekindled some of the beginnings from which we knew each other from and shared together. I learned also how to trust again, forgive and many other things. I left the show with a big win. I actually learned a lot, it seemed like a funny show but I can honestly say as an adult that you can learn something from it.”


Nikko London’s book is labels him as “Most Hated Reality TV Star” and we wanted to hear in his opinion why he felt that the public hated him so much.

“What’s funny is that I feel like people don’t like anything they don’t know. So do I really think people hate me? Maybe because of the hype of the show. Too much of anything to me would allow the public to have a bad taste in their mouth anyways. When people allow themselves to look at TV and allow TV to become their voice that’s when to me…you’ve ate too much of the cake! These reality shows are meant to entertain, not to confine a use of hatred. I think most people who watch Reality TV, they get the entertainment from it and then it turns into



hatred because you eat too much of it. Too much of anything will allow you to have emotions and feelings about it.”


The biggest issue they Nikko encountered happened behind the release of a tape with another Reality Star, Mimi Faust. The huge drama behind that allowed many viewers to develop their own personal thoughts about London. We wanted to know if Nikko regretted what happened with the whole tape issue on the show.

“Do I regret it? That’s a good question. Well first they have to read the book because that’s in there, but what I got to say on that is that I don’t regret my decision. I regret the way it was played out. As a man who stands as his own leader, I made a decision that I have to live with. For the rest of my life this is something that I have to live with and the way it played out was out of my control and I took the hit for a tape that was supposedly being leaked by Mimi. All along I was thinking that my codefendant which was Mimi had my back! That’s the regret; thinking that I could trust her, but the truth always comes to the surface. She had to confess her wrongs anyway so it’s like why go through all of that and not stick to the plan that we had as being codefendants after knowing what we created and what we talked about.”

“I knew I was going to take the hit as a man because I told you as a woman (Mimi) that you have a daughter so you can’t take the hit. So let me say the tape was in my bag and that way it will take the heat off of you having a daughter. That was the agreement that me and her had and that’s what we went to VH1 with. We were supposed to have stuck to that script but we didn’t. I mean I stuck to the script because I’m the one that got ridiculed. I’m the one who got most hated man in Reality TV!  I’m the one that got all the backlash of leaking the tapes. That’s kind of what I regret. The money was coming for the tape and she shifted with me and things went from a power couple to things being separate. It was supposed to be a together thing but it went separate. The money issue off of the tape is what caused things to go left.”

Since the big confusion hit the television airways and radio stations, London stated that he and Mimi Faust have not spoken since in nearly two years. I believe we all can relate to him with just letting that situation kick rocks!

London shared with us that all of that was just the making of a great book that would tell a story of his life that needed to be shared. Nikko added that the experience with the show made the book easier to write and not as difficult to put together for the public.

“It wasn’t difficult at all, in fact the show made it easier for me to write the book, ‘Sex Entertainment & Lies’. The fabric of my life is definitely in this book! What I don’t have to do is lie anymore. All I had to do was just think back and the way the book is broke down made it easier for me to filter it all out. It took me a while to write the book at first because I had no structure and then Mya Kay came along and helped break it all down. It then made more sense. She put structure into the book and it’s a lot of good stuff in here.”


So what exactly is next for Nikko London?

“It’s pretty simple for me to continue to just grow as a lifestyle brand. I’m not out here trying to push myself on anyone. I just want people to understand my journey and be inspired by it. It’s all in the book and it’s so much that you will be like wow! This book is really Ooohs & Ahhhs. Me & Mya came out with a home run on this book!”


The pre orders for the book will be available in December but the book will be released in April 2017. The date has not been set yet. Readers can definitely get ready to discover more information about Nikko London and hopefully reset the bad images that many gained form watching him on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

I feel the world needs to hear his story so I await the release of this book. I hope to join in on knowing about the life media neglected us of seeing about Nikko London. This is going to be a juicy book for all readers to add to their “To Buy List” for next year!


Written & Interviewed By: Tanisha D Davis