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The Prince of R&B ‘Sammie’ Talks Life In The Music Industry & More!

Sammie Leigh Bush

Sammie (The Prince of R&B) is known to many for his first appearance on the music scene at the young age of only twelve years old. He also had appearances on the Apollo beside Steve Harvey. Sammie entered the music scene winning over the hearts of young girls with the release of his hit single, “I Like It” (1999) from his debut album, ‘From the Bottom To the Top’ (2000). I still remember trying to keep up with the dance moves in front of the television.


While all eyes were on this handsome young boy from Florida, nothing but success continued to follow him and young ladies were covering their walls with posters of Sammie. This was during a time where we excitedly waited for a copy of Word Up! Magazine to get pictures of our favorite artist!

Sammie Leigh Bush

In 2001, Sammie did a collaboration with fellow young stars, Lil Wayne, Lil Zane, and Lil Bow Wow, where he was singing the hook from the Hardball movie soundtrack. The love for a young boy from Florida, continued to take off.

 And then suddenly, it all stopped. Where did Sammie disappear to?  

Starrdom100 speaks with Sammie Leigh Bush

Sammie’s break from the music industry to focus on school, left many of his fans wondering whether he was gone for good or would return back to the music scene. During the interview with Starrdom100, the singer expressed his apologies for stepping away from the scene without giving his fans any notice.

“I’m grateful that fans were right there waiting for me to come back, because it is a scary thing….they could turn their ears off but they still want to listen to my music, and they still care about what I go through, and I’m very humble & grateful for that”. –Sammie

Image result for sammieHe showed his love for fans by appearing back on the music scene with his second album, ‘Sammie’ in (2006). The first single “You Should Be My Girl”, and one of my favorite singles to this day, “Come With Me” which had all of his fans to include me falling back in love!



Fans who had the luxury of experiencing the era of music that Sammie grew up in, enjoy his music because it still promotes love. Today’s music scene has sadly ventured away from artists singing about being in love, today singing about loving someone almost seems…extinct.

“It’s almost seen as being weak  if you show love and compassion….I don’t know when love became forbidden, but that’s where R&B derived from. Because in love there is pain, pleasure, there’s mistakes, there’s monogamy, there’s so much content in love. Auto tune gave rappers the ability to rap with melody, and it kind of tricked my industry peers to do the same. That’s when the music industry for R&B derailed. You can’t bash women…it’s almost like R&B singers don’t like women anymore and that’s kind of crazy!” We always did it for the ladies, I never got lost in that, and I always felt they were going the wrong way, and as long as I stayed right where I’m at, I would be one of the ones to resurrect R&B and save it.”


Sammie has definitely never changed up on his fans with the music, and we know that it’s not easy to stay the same in an industry that is forever changing. We are glad that Sammie never stepped away from what made us fall in love with him in the first place; I mean love was what he was singing about from day one and we still can hear that same compassion in his music today. Too many artist lose touch with what brought their fans to them in the first place…change is not always good.

For those who follow him on Social Media, there is not a dull moment with Sammie, he is always singing to his fans and at times showing off a bit of skin to keep our attention.

Sammie has continued to work as an Independent Artist, releasing his third single off of his “I’m Him” EP, entitled “Better” which will be out next month. Sammie also will be going on tour in the Fall, so ladies get ready to lose your voices at the foot of the stage as we brace ourselves for the take-off with the handsome prince of R&B….Sammie!

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