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Check Out My New Book: You Are Worth The Wait


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You Are Worth The Wait By Author Tanisha D. Davis

I am so excited to share with you about my new book, ‘You Are Worth The Wait’ which is now available for you to purchase on Amazon.¬†

This is my second book but my first inspirational book dedicated to those who struggle with being alone and waiting for the right one. This book is a guide to help so many who struggle with loving themselves while they wait for that life partner to come along. At times it can be very difficult to trust that someone good is out there waiting for you. You may doubt yourself and feel that nothing good will ever come your way because you have been hurt many times. This guide is to help break down that wall of confusion about who you are and what you deserve. You are valuable and regardless of what you have been through, you are worth waiting for.

There are so many of us who just like myself have found ourselves struggling to wait. You see so many individuals around you appearing to be living the life with those they love and you begin to think that you will never find the one. This book covers a variety of struggling areas that being single can lead to. This book is also very helpful to those who may be currently dating or married because even marriages can take a lot of our joy away if its the wrong one.

So be sure to order your copy today and comment below about your purchase so I can thank you personally!

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