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Racism Strikes At A Waffle House In Saraland, Alabama! A Black Female Was Slammed To The Floor By White Cops After Asking For Plastic Utensils!

A very disturbing video went viral over social media on Saturday night as a video of a young black female was shown being slammed to the floor and dragged out of her clothes across a Waffle House floor in Saraland, Alabama. The young lady had asked an employee by the name of ‘Goldie’ if she could simply have plastic utensils. After being told by the employee that they charge ’50 cents” for customers to receive plastic utensils, the young lady began to inquire reasons for why she was being charged after stating she had never been charged before, and simply asked for the corporate number to report it.

Waffle House - Saraland, AL
Waffle House, 1204 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, AL 36571

The racist Waffle House employee then proceeded to call the Saraland Police Department out. The young lady who was seen sitting down and not bothering anyone was telling the white male officer while sitting in a chair by the window, “We haven’t did nothing”.

The white male officer as seen in the video is shown tugging on the young lady being referred to in the video as “Ke-Ke” while she is peacefully sitting still and not showing any signs of causing conflict to the officer or anyone else.

It is very important to know your rights, if you think a cop is doing something wrong to you, you can get in more trouble if you try to resist or fight back.  It’s usually a good idea to stay calm which you can see in the video she was simply sitting down and being calm.

The behavior of these officers was completely inappropriate! These officers had this innocent young woman fully exposed!

There was no respect shown to this woman!

Take a look at the video below!

She was slammed to the floor and told she would be arrested, but for what??? All of this over her asking for plastic utensils! We have to ask ourselves would this have happened to a white person?

Is this how Waffle House treats people who spend their money with them? Are we not free to ask Waffle House employees like “Goldie” for plastic utensils without white cops coming and slamming us to the floor and revealing us to the world as if we are not even human or worthy of respect?!

At no point was the Waffle House employee threatened for her life over plastic utensils to the point where police officers had to come out and treat this young lady the way they did. This is absolutely unacceptable from the Saraland Police Department! There was a better way to handle the situation and they failed to do so. The duty of officers are to protect citizens and they go through training to learn how to handle and meet the needs of those in the community. Had these officers utilized very simple communication skills this situation could have been better handled.

The community is in an outrage and requesting that the Waffle House employee be fired and that the officers involved receive some type of penalty for what they did to the young lady. A peaceful protest was held today at the Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama located at, 1204 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, AL 36571 where the incident happened.

The Saraland Police Department was called out again to what was simply a peaceful protest!

Check out the Facebook live video from one of the community leaders James, who participated in the peaceful protest along with a few others. He is part of the “Bigg Yow & J-45 Live Morning Show Podcast” in Mobile, Alabama which stays active with discussing what’s going on in the community.

A reporter with one of the local news station, WKRG News so far has been the only media present at the scene concerning this matter.

Watch the video below!


The community wants answers and we want to know what is going to happen following this horrible mistreatment to the young lady.

Where is the mayor of Saraland, Alabama? Is this what Saraland Police Department represents?

Is Saraland, Alabama another city willing to support racism and more importantly is Waffle House supporting racism? If Waffle House will not stand up against this employee just as Starbucks recently did then do we really want to continue giving them any business?!

We will keep you updated about this story as it unfolds.


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Sammie & Tank Delivered A Hot Performance In Mobile, AL for the #SavageTour!

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Event Photography By: Terrence Smith 

R&B Atlantic Records recording artist and multi-Grammy nominated R&B star Tank has been making his way around on a 14 city “SAVAGE Tour,” in support of his new album. The tour kicked off on September 5 at the City Winery in Nashville and will wrap up on September 27 in Pittsburgh at the Rex TheaterTickets for the tour can be purchased via Tank’s website (Click Here).

R&B singer Sammie who has been on the music scene since 1999, known for his chart topping billboard hit singles such as, “I Like It”, “Crazy Things I Do”, “Come With Me”, and more, opened up on the tour during their performance recently in Mobile, Alabama on September 17th at the Soul Kitchen. The show was hot, but what can you expect when you bring two powerful R&B vocalists on to a stage in one building!

The show kicked off at 8:00 pm and shortly after, Sammie hit the stage performing some of his hit singles, as well as songs from his latest album. His new album, “Coming of Age,” dropped on September 15th, and was perfect timing for the tour. I had a moment to speak to Sammie backstage and he mentioned that he had been knowing Tank for a while and that’s how he ended up being part of his tour. Sammie also told me that his new album had been in the works for a while now and of course just listening to it, you can tell he took time to master it. If you all have not got your copy of it yet then you definitely should.

Image result for coming of age sammie
Coming of Age is Available on Google Play, Spotify & ITunes!

Meanwhile, ladies of course went wild during Sammie’s performance! When he took off his shirt and started performing one of his prior mix-tape singles, “Wetter”, the atmosphere in the room got really steamy!

Sammie recently shared a clip from his performance on Instagram.

Sammie/Photo Credit: Terrence Smith










Sammie/Photo Credit: Terrence Smith



Tank will be releasing his eighth studio album SAVAGE this fall. The 11-track LP features appearances by Candice BoydJ. ValentineLudacris, and labelmate Trey Songz as well as production from Da InternzHarmony Samuels, and Cardiak. The lead single “When We” is a sensual “how to” that will lead listeners to a night of high powered unadulterated passion. Currently available for purchase (Click Here), “When We” is also the #1 Most Added song on the UAC charts playing in various cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Little Rock as well as SiriusXM.

The album will be sold via all digital retailers as well as in stores.

Tank/Photo Credit: Terrence Smith

Tank put on an amazing performance as well! He lit up the stage with some of his hit singles like, “Please Don’t Go”, “Maybe I Deserve” along with more songs from his soon to release album. Tank also showed major love to those celebrating their birthday’s by blowing out cash into the crowd! Let’s also add that when his shirt came off to reveal those ab’s, I’m sure many probably forgot what he was singing. Check out the clip below of his performance shared recently on his Instagram.


Tank/Photo Credit: Terrence Smith

Tank and Sammie along with other opening acts put on an amazing performance in Mobile, Al and I can’t wait to see these two back on stage again! 



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Celebrity Blogger Starr Davis Speaks on Her Visit To The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Alabama

Photo Credit: Terrence Smith @ki4eji

As many of you know, I have traveled to many venues and covered many events. As a Celebrity Blogger, I have been blessed to interview some of your favorite stars as well as worked with some very prestigious platforms and magazines. I have been behind the film production of exclusive interviews as far as the west coast and more.



So of course I was excited to finally be able to visit and cover media at an event in my home town for R&B Artist Sammie.

Those who keep up with me, are aware that I am always traveling or connected with clients between Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Birmingham, Tennessee, New Orleans, Florida,  and more to support events and so much more. What can I say, I’m a busy young woman.

When word spread that the #SavageTour which consists of Tank & Sammie was making it’s way through my home town, I was happy to reach out to the manager of Sammie to ask to cover his performance exclusively.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sammie earlier this year on my Starrdom100 radio show and I felt it was only right to show my love by covering his performance in my birth city.

Check out the interview I had with Sammie earlier this year by hitting the link below.


This was a productive year and earlier this year I was blessed to receive a “Women’s Empowerment Award”  in Atlanta, GA from one of the top seven Celebrity PR’s in the city. So having gained so much love and respect from other cities, why not bring some attention and love to a city that I was raised in?

Of all the venues I have been to and been welcomed into, sadly my very first experience at Mobile’s popular spot known as The Soul Kitchen was not what I would call friendly.

Let’s start with getting into the venue.

So of course in previous attempts to cover the T.I event at the Soul Kitchen, I learned ahead that the talent’s management team has to put you on their guest list to cover media for the talent.

So Sammie’s management team had placed me on the guest list and as he stated, listed me as “Press” for Sammie.

After they gave me what appeared to be a regular entry wristband, I was told to go enjoy the event. So I informed them who I was and what I was there to do. I was told by one guy that he could not give me access and that it was up to another guy.

Remember, the management team had added me to the guest list and listed me as “Press.”

So the guy who supposedly makes decisions, walks over and says, “Well we don’t have proof that you are here to cover media for him and we can’t just take your word for it”.

So again I state, “I am on the guest list by his management team to cover press for him so I need full access and I’m suppose to be in the back with the artist”.

He gives me this half shoulder shrug and says, “Look I can’t give you access, you will just have to call his manager if you can…to get back there”. Then he walks off.

So by this point I’m in shock because it was the manager who put me on the guest list so obviously I am someone of importance and that is the evidence that I’m not just some random groupie coming in trying to get back to an artist.

So by this point I’m messaging the manager for Sammie and telling him what is going on. He is shocked that this is happening and states that he will personally come to the front to escort me and my photographer to the back. He couldn’t understand why they were giving me problems because he stated, “I told them you were Press”.

So yes, Sammie’s manager had to leave his artist in the back and walk all the way through the crowds to come escort me and my photographer to the back.

Let me also add that I was not alone in the confusion, because another young woman was there serving as press for Tank and she also had to stand to the side with me to wait for his management team to come escort her as well.

So basically in their eyes, I guess we both just put our names on the guest list and decided to pretend to be important that night.

Image result for the soul kitchen mobile

So finally after looking at the guy who was part of the hold up while walking on to the back as I should have been from the start, we make our way back to where the artist Sammie and some people from his team are seated. By the way the manager went and got me and my photographer our rightful wristbands for All Access.

Image may contain: one or more people

Now the name of my blog is Starrdom100 and I wouldn’t be keeping it 100 with any of you if I did not tell the truth.

When I walked in the room that the artist was in, it was extremely hot! I mean it felt as if someone had left the oven door open at 400 degrees in the room. So the artist states, “I would offer you a seat but it’s extremely hot in here”.

So I’m confused as to why an artist performing at your venue is seated in a hot box. Like how is he suppose to prepare to comfortably perform to a building full of people, when his room is extremely heated? The front of the venue was cool and there was a breeze in the hallway so I suggested to him that he should come out of there and catch a breeze in the hallway. There was not even a fan back there or any air conditioning in that room. So I was not able to comfortably join him and ask some questions prior to his performance because of the humidity in the room.

To me that’s just no professional way to accommodate an artist who is here to perform at your venue. I’m sure someone must have known no air conditioning was in that room prior and could have done something about the heat. How bad is that for business to have an artist complaining about how hot it is where you have him seated?

I ended up getting a couple of questions in the hallway after his stage performance and those questions I cut short because he was sweating and the room was not making it easy for him.

So I would advise that if you are planning to bring your artist to perform at the Soul Kitchen here in Mobile, Alabama, then you might want to make sure the air is working in the back room near their kitchen so they don’t get overheated before going on stage. I don’t know if this was the norm or not but it was not cool for my first experience there.

I also would recommend that you prepare to escort any personal media there for your artist because just putting their name on the guest list and listing them as “press” doesn’t seem to be enough evidence for the security there.

I’ve been to a lot of venues and who would have thought that the first time I decide to cover something major for an artist in my birth city that I would have an unfriendly experience.

Hmmm….not a good feeling for an individual in the line of work that I do.

Will I be back? Only if they improve the way they handle Media/Press for an artist, especially if the manager of the artist has clearly placed them on the “Guest List” for the artist and listed them as “Press”.

Also let’s add that you should be very careful about how you treat an individual especially when you do not know the professional status of the person that you are speaking to. Through it all, I’m glad my disappointment was followed by an amazing performance from Sammie and Tank.











We are shining the light on a young man, who has been known to grind hard as a successful Comedian and Filmmaker. Calvin Howard has not only captured attention in the Southern region but even as far as the West Coast!

Calvin S. Howard or (Mr. Grind), as many of his fans know him by, has a stage name that truly speaks for itself. From a very young age, he has been doing just that…Grinding! Howard has been entertaining the social media world for over a decade. He started off doing live prank phone calls and innovating hilarious remakes of songs in Yahoo chat rooms. Calvin  later branched out from the chat rooms to the site, known as Myspace. There he went on to record his comedy videos for fans to listen and download. Through this grind, he found his talent in Video production and Comedy. This later turned into a long-term passion!

Howard worked hard to research and teach himself everything he knows about the entertainment industry, and has successfully executed these talents. He has been demanded in several states and countries just from his popularity on YouTube. This innovative Comedian and Video producer captivates his audience by finding new ways to put a twist on old school types of comedy, whether its creating side cracking skits or producing stand-up comedy shows.



Calvin found his artistry in Videography while shooting his own personal comedy productions (Mr. Grind’s Comedy) in the past and is currently expanding his talents into the field of cinematography. With over 10 years of video experience under his belt, he has become a well-seasoned cinematographer specializing in commercials, party events, music videos, short films and more.

So what led the young Comedian & Filmmaker into pursuing a career in comedy?

“I always knew I wanted to do comedy. When I was in junior high school, the teacher asked everybody what they wanted to be and I said a Comedian. One young lady in class was like, “A Comedian….you’re not even funny”, but after a while I started going to the blog chat rooms on Yahoo, AOL, etc. and started doing prank phone calls, and remaking songs by playing the instrumentals to make people laugh. Soon after, I started getting really popular in the chat rooms. People would request me to do prank phone calls and more. I was never really inspired by anyone to pursue comedy, but more so inspired by making people laugh”.

Howard has proven to be the example of hard work in the game, since making his popular appearance on the social media scene 10 years ago! He has maintained a successful social media following of over 200K subscribers on YouTube, and millions of viewers on all social media sites. He has traveled as far as Los Angeles, CA to help conduct the filming of trailers for clients for Love & Hip Hop as well as assisted on set for a host of Music Artists & Music Producers.



Calvin Howard known to many in the capital city of Montgomery, Alabama , has brought the city Comedy Shows, and teamed up with a multitude of comedians to bring laughter back into the communities. His comedy parodies have landed him exposure on popular sites such as World Star Hip Hop on numerous occasions, topping out with over a million views, and even capturing the attention of Celebrity Artists!

Howard has definitely lived up to his famous name “MrGrind” for his continuous hard work.

“I gave myself the name “Mr. Grind” because I’m a multi-talented person and I basically grind and hustle in many different ways. At one point I sold on eBay, sold merchandise and at the same time I was doing comedy, and videos. I found many different niches to make money. So that’s what I felt I was doing…just grinding, and of course it wasn’t no stripper name (laughing) in case people were wondering.”



Calvin has the gift to naturally make people laugh. This is what fans adore about him the most and what will forever continue to mold & push his career forward into greater heights for the industry. Outside of filming he is busy interacting with his fans daily via social media and staying involved with what’s going on around them in the community.

Howard spoke briefly on some goals he plans to work towards in the upcoming year as well as his learning experiences over the years, stating:

“I plan to remain consistent with my comedy and work on having an organized show whether it’s via social media or on a network. I want to showcase a variety of entertainment around the world throughout my production.”

“My comedy has helped me grow in many ways because it has allowed me to experience many different types of people. You will have people that are really trying to help you out and you have some who are just trying to benefit from you. Through it all, you learn to appreciate the actual fan base that stays loyal to you and continues to watch you. They are the ones that really support you more so than the people that might be the closest to you.”

The young Filmmaker & Comedian is looking to team up with television networks to produce his own Reality TV series soon! He is one to keep your eyes on and you can definitely expect great things from him in the upcoming year!


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Meet Artist Noelle Goodson!

When you think of Art, think of Noelle Goodson.


                         Noelle Goodson is definitely a name you should get to know!

Born in December of 1984 in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to Mobile, Al with her family when she was only seven years old. She then went on to study Communication and Advertising Art at Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama. After two years at A&M, she entered the Disney College Program and went to work at Walt Disney world for a few years. Her journey did not end there as she later returned to A&M to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Noelle Goodson first began drawing when she was about five years old after her father was killed. It was at that devastating moment in her life that she allowed Art to become her outlet. From that point on she discovered that she had a natural born talent for Art.

During her primary education years, she taught herself to perfect her gift of drawing.

“I spend most of my time graphic designing and compiling design concepts. I enjoy painting on large scales such as large canvases and murals. Much of my art is Afro Centric and ethnic themed and promotes coexisting and conscience awareness. I am a traditional artist and I am moved by the process, time and ability that it takes to produce a masterpiece. With every pencil mark and each brush stroke I am able to express myself and make a living doing what I love.”

One of Goodson’s most favorited pieces of art happens to be “Girl Before Mirror” by Pablo Picasso.

Image result for girl before mirror picasso wikipedia                                           Girl Before A Mirror, 1932 by Pablo Picasso

One doesn’t have to look far to understand her exquisite taste for Art. Her Art has gained her much recognition from local natives of Mobile, Al. It is that very taste that received her recognition by the Soulful Diva Eryka Badu. Goodson was given the opportunity to come backstage with the artist and showcase a painting she had masterfully created. 

Behind every painted blend of colors, Goodson seeks to tell a story to her fans.One of my most faved recent pieces by her happens to be historical.The painting which is featured at Kazoola Lounge located in Mobile, Al is of Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis (c. 1840 – 1935), or Cudjo Lewis. He was the last known survivor of the Atlantic slave trade between Africa and the United States. Together with 115 other captives, he was brought illegally to the United States on board the ship Clotilde in 1860.

Displaying NG2.jpeg                                                             Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis

“A painter is someone who never runs out of color. The colors are her silent notes, and when she pours them on her canvas, she depicts her silence, her thoughts and herself- raw and sour. She is something unique like a hurricane- a colorful one. She can cause devastation by her wild strokes and she is as much capable to create a sanctuary by softer strokes.She can cause rain like tears to fall through the eyes or she can simply cause chaos.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

She is limitless, a creation capable of creating. She watches and notices everything. She feels so much at sometimes, she’s on the verge of spilling them. Then she watches over the blank canvas on her easel accompanied by color containers and brushes. Her hands twitch to reach out to them for the sake of art. Then, after all dilemma, She decides to reach out and bleed herself down on that canvas and fill up herself with colors. And when I imagine it, there’s one line which flashes every time on my mind, “A thing of beauty lasts forever.”

From the poem ‘Endemyon’ written by John Keats.

Noelle Goodson is the face behind art, she is one to be remembered and her legacy is to be painted among the hearts of history when we think of color, swirls, and natural creativity upon a blank canvas!

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