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Starrdom100Blog Exclusive: Pamela Y. Smith Speaks Out On Prior Relationship With Former NBA Player Michael Jordan

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Pamela Y. Smith & Michael Jordan

Pamela Y. Smith shook the media back in 2013 after she came forth and filed a paternity suit against former NBA legend Michael Jordan. Smith claimed he was the father of her 17-year-old son at the time. She demanded a DNA test, full custody and child support. Of course the courts did not work in her favor behind the accusations against the former NBA player. The paternity suit was dismissed alleging that Michael Jordan fathered her son, Grant Pierce Jordan Reynolds. Pamela Y. Smith was fined by an Atlanta court and accused of making false claims against the NBA Hall of Famer. For the first time in years she is finally speaking out about what happened with her prior relationship with Michael Jordan and the case.

On Wednesday, March 21, Pamela Y. Smith opened up to me about the entire experience.

How did you and Michael Jordan meet?

               “We met in the late 1980’s ( full story on how we met is in the Book)”



Pamela Y. Smith released a book recently titled, “Love, Sex, and Power” which tells the full story of her relationship with the former NBA player and more, the book is available now on her website.

Did Michael Jordan ever agree to the paternity test?

“The civil case was based on a Georgia statue and law, when it comes to a child being born, before birth automatically the parents through marriage is said to be the father. (not the biological father).”

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Pamela Y. Smith & her son, Grant Pierce Jordan Reynolds

Why do you feel he has been avoiding the paternity test?

                     “He avoided the test based on Money not the GA statue.”

 How does your son feel about what has happened with the case thus far?

“My son felt Michael should have spoken up or at least acknowledged the relationship existed.”

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Michael Jordan seen here with son of Pamela Y. Smith

Does your son want a relationship with Michael Jordan?


What are you in hopes of gaining from this case? Do you simply just want Michael Jordan to acknowledge his son?

“The book is about repairing the lie. Michael stated he did not have a relationship with me prior to his first marriage.”

How has this entire experience affected your life and your son’s life?

“It affects us based on the lie told but not the truth. In the end its his loss for not having a relationship with his son.”

Do you feel that due to Michael Jordan’s status that they are mistreating you with the handling of this case?

“Yes, because of his money and status, people assume he has power. So they would do anything for money even if it lies or damages the other person. That’s why in my book you can read the truth and see the proof. That’s the glory in it……”




“My book is my Memoir of the Love, Sex, and Power of my relationship with one of the Greatest Of All Time Basketball stars Michael J. Jordan. I believe we shared the journey of real love and friendship. A love that would last forever, yet never seen.” -Pamela Y. Smith

Pamela Y. Smith simply wants Michael Jordan to stop pretending the relationship never existed and to face the truth about his alleged son. In her new book Smith tells it all about her relationship with the NBA legend. You can get your copy of the book by clicking HERE.

I must admit her son looks just like Michael Jordan so hopefully he will just come forth and take the test and lay this matter to rest.


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#UpComing Starrdom100 Exclusive Interview: Actor Woody McClain

Be sure to tune in to our radio show this coming Friday, November 17, 2017 as we speak with Actor Woody McClain.

The show will be hosted by our very own brand founder,

Tanisha D. Davis.

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Tanisha Davis: Exclusive Kontrol Magazine Articles & More!

Interested in work conducted and written by Tanisha Davis with Kontrol Magazine in Atlanta, GA? Then hit the link below to check out her work while with Kontrol Magazine.

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Her work can also be seen in this Kontrol Magazine issue below which is available at your local Barnes & Nobles stores.

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Get To Know Dancer/Choreographer Janelle Ginestra #KontrolMagExclusive

“Dancing has always been a part of my life, and I was lead to it by just the pure passion of liking it.” -Janelle Ginestra

Dance is a highly expressive, yet often overlooked, art form. Yet certain performers aim to make the passion and hard work of dance shine in spite of the naysayers. JANELLE GINESTRA is one of those dancers! Whether it’s taking time out for choreographing for your favorite artist, or bringing together dancers, she is the impressive balance between molding creativity with a mixture of finesse and emotion. Kontrol had the pleasure of discovering the start of her career into dance and more.

 “I started dancing at a very young age, like when I was two years old. Dancing has always been a part of my life, and I was lead to it by just the pure passion of liking it. It was never like my mom put me in it as a hobby, I told my mom at like almost 2 years old that it was what I wanted to do.”

To be passionate at such a very young age is simply amazing. Ginestra proves that she is not new to the art of dance and gives her definition on what dance means to her.

“Dance means everything! Doing it, creating it, watching it…just feels right for me. I think it’s one of the most beautiful freedoms of expression, and I think it’s amazing how we can use it to make music come to life.”

Janelle Ginestra has had the pleasure of bringing her passion and skill of dancing before a multitude of artist. You may remember her from the music video Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, where she had the joy of starring as one of the lead dancers in the video. I believe the world went crazy over this video and she shared with us her experience of how she came into the role.
Janelle Ginestra interview with Kontrol Magazine
Janelle Ginestra performs with Nicki Minaj in Anaconda.

“For me to get that video, it was like a small private call, and that process was not too hard to get. Once on the job you had to keep the job by having good work ethic, she (Nicki Minaj) had to be able to vibe with you, and of course every job is not like that. For Pink’s video I had to go audition with tons of people and fight people out for that job, so it’s just a trick of the trade. Sometimes it’s easy to get and sometimes it’s hard.”

For those young ladies out there aspiring to become professional dancers, Ginestra states that,

“I would give the advice to have your own identity. You don’t want to be a mock of somebody else because that person already exists. You want to have so much confidence, hunger, passion and the polish. You have to know that you are a stand out in the room and be realistic with yourself. If you’re not then you need to work you’re a$$ off to get there. If you are, then you need to keep believing in that and not mold to what other people try to make you.”

When speaking on whether she feels that the art of dance instills self-confidence? She adds that,
“I feel like any kind of person can dance; whether you are small, big, chunky, skinny, the most not attractive, attractive, it allows you to be a star in your own rights. You don’t have to be a certain way or look a certain way to be a dancer. You don’t have to move a certain way to be a star. There are like really cool contemporary people that you would never think would be a dancer but they get out and go do their thing. I think it allows you to feel confident in the person that you are and the way that you express. So if you feel nerdy at school but you walk into the dance room and you’re one of the most bad a$$ contemporary people, it allows you to shine where you may sometimes not in other areas of life.”
 These are very strong words of wisdom, proving that you can still rock the stage no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you are from. This is why Janelle Ginestra is so powerful in her gift of dance. She knows what matters and as a choreographer aims to pull out that inner baddy who can slay the stage!


After just dropping a new popping dance video titled “I Like That’, we were curious to know what else she had in store for us this year.

Will and I are hoping to be choreographing a new movie that should be coming out soon. We are going to be doing music videos for some Chinese artists that will be coming over to the United States. We also just recently opened our new studio which is probably the biggest deal so we are going to try to make it the new amazing thing in LA where classes are held but with a different energy. We want to create something that we wish existed which is like a safe zone where people feel free to just have fun and dance.”

As you can see, dance is everything that Janelle Ginestra is made of and we are so happy to have had the pleasure to discover more about her world as a dancer!


Written & Interviewed By: Tanisha D. Davis


This exclusive interview was written and with our brand founder, Tanisha Davis and was conducted exclusively with Kontrol Magazine. It can be found featured on Kontrol Magazine’s site as well as in their print issue!


normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

Normani Kordei is a singer originally from Atlanta, Georgia who is a member of the girl group, Fifth Harmony.

Her sweet and humble personality adds to why she has remained such a successful performer in recent years. Kordei has been singing and dancing since the age of four and although she has had an early start in the field of music, she doesn’t allow that to steal away from her ability to remain humble in the midst of all the excitement and success. Kontrol truly enjoyed discovering more about the life of the young singer and was excited to find out that she will be appearing on the hit TV series, ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

Dancing with the Stars has been an incredible experience. Honestly I feel like I have grown in the last three weeks. I really have the best partner and he has been really encouraging me, and allowing me to see the beauty in me and what I have to offer. Growing up, I didn’t really believe in myself the most, especially since I started out at such a young age. Having people judge you in every little thing you do, even as a teenager and experiencing life for itself can be tough. He’s helping me to realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable, like don’t keep it all to yourself, so I really thank him for that, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the season with him. The cast has really become a family and learning all of the dances and genres has really been cool.”

normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

The young singer has been very busy working between the show and on Fifth Harmony’s Global tour. “We just wrapped up our Asian tour, it was about a three week run and it was really amazing. We’re really grateful and blessed to be able to travel to these places that we would have never had the opportunity to see if it weren’t for each other. It’s just really great to be able to thank our fans in person because we talk to them a lot over social media. We have a real personal connection with them and we made a bunch of memories!”
Being part of such an amazing group comes with having the knowledge to know what it takes to remain successful. Normani shared with us what she felt has helped in making Fifth Harmony so successful thus far. “I just believe that everything happens for a reason, and I really do give credit to God and all the glory for five girls from different walks of life
coming together. It’s just been a journey and it’s cool to see the ups and downs that we have been through because it’s just part of our story. Whether it be good or bad, it just makes up all the parts that Fifth Harmony is.”
normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issueYou can catch the rest of Normani’s amazing interview in Kontrol Magazine’s 8th Anniversary Issue, Women In Music, in Barnes & Noble nationwide this summer!



Grammy Nominated Billboard Songwriter/Producer James Worthy Talks Break Out Hip Hop Group Collaboration, “Kings X2”!

This Exclusive Interview was with our brand founder, Tanisha Davis and was featured in Sheen Magazine!


Billboard Songwriter/Producer James A. Worthy is one of the hardest working producers in the industry. Accompanying his musical flexibility, James has credits with various artists including Grammy Nominated Musicians & Award Winners such as: Dr. Dre, B Angie B, Arrested Development, Men At Large, T-Pain, Future, Bobby Valentino, and many more.  James has been working hard this year from making appearances in movies like “Love By Chance,” and on hit reality shows, all while helping to produce sensational music for other artists.

Now he is taking things to even higher levels by teaming up with another artist, International Nova.

The New Rap & R&B Group called “Kings X2” has just recently hit the #10 spot on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart with their debut single “Wine For Me.” The song is quickly climbing into the radio markets and is projected to hit the #1 spot this month. These two talented artists coming together has definitely been creating a lot of buzz! The group started following the production of new music by International Nova’s remake of Big Pun’s, “Don’t Want To Be A Player.” Worthy performed on the single and from there the two continued to make their own records, shortly after forming the group, known as “King X2”.

What these two are doing is quite phenomenal with their combination of Hip-Hop and R&B. The Hip-Hop industry has not really seen many successful male duos team up since legendary rap duos like OutKast, Ying Yang Twins, Method Man & Redman, and more to name a few since the early 2000s.



When asked what makes the group stand out in the Hip Hop industry today? Worthy replied, “There are very few duos in Hip Hop today, but what makes us stand out is because we incorporate all genres within melody and arrangements. On top of me being a producer, I know what sounds right.”

James Worthy recently opened up yesterday during a radio interview with Starrdom100 Blog Radio Show, about other projects to expect from him this year and more with the new group collaboration. Be sure to check out the interview on Blog Talk Radio TODAY!

Be on the lookout for more hot music from the group this year and their album release which will be announced soon.

Keep up with James Worthy on InstagramTwitterFacebook and his website, King James Worthy.

Check out artist, International Nova on Instagram and Twitter NOW!


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Our brand founder, Tanisha Davis is a writer for Sheen Magazine.


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