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You Can’t Make Them Appreciate You

We all would like to believe that if we do all we can for the ones that we love, it will lead to them appreciating us more. Right?

Truth is that, not everyone is going to have the same heart as you and treat you the same way that you treat them.

You can be that woman/man who is supportive of their dreams and goals and still find yourself in a situation where they treat you like nothing you ever did was good enough for them. I believe the worst feeling in the world is feeling like you are not good enough for the one you love.

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When you care about a person, you will do whatever you can to help them. It sucks to be there supporting them on their path to success and trying to create avenues for them in their career only for them to turn around and shut you out. The only thing you can do is move on and leave toxic people like that alone. Our greatest problems come from thinking that, “If I just keep showing them I love them, then maybe one day they will see and love me back”. But truth be told is that, the one day you are seeking may never come.

If a person doesn’t show you that they appreciate what you are doing for them right now, then what makes you think that years from now, your hard effort will mean anything more to them? True enough, some people do change because it does take time for them to realize that they don’t have nobody else willing to be there for them like you. Then there are those who will just continue to drain you of all the work they can get out of you to help get them to the top and then they will toss you to the side.

People who don’t appreciate you will use you and take you on an emotional roller-coaster to get what they need out of you. There are sadly people in this world who will play off of the fact that you like them just so they can get ahead. Being intimate with you, taking a few trips with you, are all just staged acts to get you to believe that some form of feelings exist for you. If you have some form of hope that the feelings are there hidden within them, then you’ll find yourself ignoring the foul treatment.

When a person cares and appreciates you, they won’t do anything to mislead or hurt you.

If you are finding yourself constantly emotional and upset or confused about the mixed signals you are receiving from someone you care about then honey you need to step back from that and let that person be.

I know you care about them deeply, and you really want to do all you can to prove how you feel about them by supporting them, but if its breaking you down then its not good for you. Let go of toxic relations and wait for the one who will come along and show you with their actions that you mean something to them and that they appreciate everything you desire to do for them.

You can’t build if the feelings are one sided. You love them but they only see you as beneficial to their needs and nothing more.

You don’t want to spend a lifetime with a person who will use you up and steal your joy. So pay attention to the red flags you are seeing early on and be smart about choosing to continue on with someone who keeps showing you that you are not valuable to their life.



It’s Complicated Poetry

Look I’m sorry that I was never the one that you highly admired and spoke on,

The one who called you daily just to make sure you were straight and um….

I’m sorry that I wasn’t the one you really expected to call and the one you really wanted to be head over heels and fall.

See my phone calls were coming but they weren’t who you really wanted them to be from, and so you got angry with me for even calling…and that’s a bit messed up but um…

I’m sorry that chick you really loved broke your heart so bad that the fact of me loving you genuinely simply drove you mad.

See I understand all to well what it feels like to invest your love and have someone treat it like it’s nothing but a tossed nut in the glove.

Man I really tried for you, only because I care and the fact I’m writing about you is because I’m hoping to make you aware.

All the games that the world keeps on playing, I was never that type, because I was all for displaying how I felt for real, and I know that’s uncommon today because we live in a society that’s all about play and comedy hype.

Man you ever had a woman that really wanted you to win? Never thinking about just herself but hoping to open doors to also pull you in? Everywhere I was going, I was trying to bring you along and all I keep hearing is how I’m trying to force this love song. What did I do wrong?

You don’t find to many  women these days that’s not about what they can take from you. You don’t find too many women these days that’s trying to add to you.

I swear part of my heart feels broken because once again I tried and once again I cried just off the fact that I tried.

I hear all day how men want this and that, but truth be told…ya’ll just chasing the available cat. Y’all don’t want a good woman to love you like that. Y’all act crazy when a good woman tries to love you and that’s facts.

No wait…y’all get crazy when its not the one “you want” to love you like that.

I can count on my hands how many times that I have had my heart broken and it’s always been because I was so outspoken. I wasn’t trying to play these games and I never understood those who did, because I thought that was so lame, and such the role of a kid.

It’s complicated.

I’m a bit exhausted with trying and part of me kind of feels like the good in me is dying.

Do they really want something good anymore?

I mean is this what it takes to get  a man?

Treat him like he is nothing and like his heart don’t matter and maybe that will make him feel happier.

Dog him out and never be available for his calls because these are the things the rule books teach women these days and all.

Its complicated.

From this day on, I’ll probably never be the same and I have no one but myself to blame.

It’s complicated.















Please Remember Who You Are & Stop Letting Irrelevant People Camp Out In Your Life!

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Stop Giving Attention To People Who Treat You Like You Are Not Worth Their Time!

Hello?! Hello?! I want to make sure this message gets through to somebody who may be questioning their worth because of the actions of a nut job!

Let me tell you something! You are going to have to learn whether you like it or not, to find your place in this world and stand on who you are as an individual! You are going to run across a diverse group of individuals and some will be worth your time and some will be almost as relevant as the amount of times you use the toilet per day.

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You will find yourself developing some thick skin sooner or later because people will enter your life and seek to destroy you whether it is mentally, spiritually or physically! You are going to have to make a decision as to just how much space and time you plan to give to them. Some people are like poison, they just find a way to kill you slowly in some form. The thing that you fail to realize is that no matter how freaking nice you are, and how much good you pour out to them and others….it means absolutely nothing to a poisonous species. They were created with a purpose to be lethal and do you no good. They come with a mission to get close enough to figure out what your weak areas are and then they attack you in those spots.

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Ever had surgery and then the doctor wanted to examine the wound? Well they come to examine your wounds and then pull the scabs off of them every chance they get so you never truly heal properly.

Honey there are those who come with intentions to bring you down! They come in to attack you and stir up your emotions. They sit back and get a kick out of making you feel like something is wrong with you when really they are the ones with the problems. They seek attention in any form to take you off the course of your destination. You will have to learn to pump your brakes and kick them out of your car!


Never ever let someone remain in your life and treat you as if you are not relevant enough to have their attention, time or respect. Even a dog is entitled to some level of respect and are you not greater than a dog?

The same people who you think so highly of have mental issues and they are seeking to bring others down into the pit with them. They are miserable and have nothing positive going on in their lives so they seek to destroy the joy of others. The bible says the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy! Honey they will kill your spirit, steal your joy, and destroy who God created you to be because they have a personal issue within themselves.

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They hate that you are positive, and they don’t understand why you carry yourself the way you do despite all the hell that you have been through in your life. They sit up plotting and although they claim to be for you, their actions say the opposite. They parade themselves among the multitudes, building themselves up high among their peers as if they are mighty when deep down inside they are nothing. They want you to feel the same way people have treated them all their life.

You can not & you will not let irrelevant people come in and set up camp in your life. Don’t let nobody destroy you with their own personal insecurities. You are so much better than that and despite how they treat you…know that a jewel does not lose value because a fool can’t recognize its worth!

I want you to rise up and move on! Right now I want you to say that I vow to turn loose everyone and anything that serves me no earthly good. Right now, know in your heart that you are something special and just because one person or a few may treat you bad and make you feel like you are not worthy…does not mean you are what they think of you!

Remember who you are! Any attention you got to constantly beg and chase after is attention that is not worth it. The right people will chase you down and do all they can to be part of the journey God has already ordained for your life.

Sometimes we are begging for people to notice us and include us in their life but God sits high and sees that honey they are far from what you think they are. He can see the roots of them and though they look nice on the outside, the core of the fruit is rotten. It may hurt your feelings and bring you to tears when you are trying to understand why the heck they are treating you the way they are but as the saying goes….Honey time heals all wounds. Soon they will be a memory and a thank you God that what I thought was for me was nothing more than a reflection of what appeared to be a jewel.

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Baby even aluminum foil glistens in the light if placed properly. Some are simply that…just glistening until you get up close and see them for what they really are.

Remember who you are and I promise that if you hold on to that knowledge…everything else you encounter in this world will bounce right off of you and never have much of an effect on you. Its either for you or its not and if it is not then thank you and good bye!

Let those who want to walk out of your life keep on tracking and you go on to blossom honey because too much shade will block the sun trying to shine down on you! Let them be great because if they were important then they would be beside you and not against you.

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Letters To Simon in the Cocoa Brown #Poetry

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi

So let’s avoid the fact that I think of you about as deep as the accuracy of five packets of sugar and two creams added to my morning coffee. Let’s avoid the fact that I adore every feature of your cocoa brown skin, and the deepness in your stare, or the plumpness of your lips when you speak to me. Lets avoid the fact that I pay attention to everything including the details of the waves on your head or the kinkiness of your partial fro.

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi

In my mind you are the most attractive piece of art standing before me. I make reasons to call just to hear your voice, Oh how you pour in me. I find things to do, just so I can be closer to you. I would trap time if it meant slowing down the hours spent around you. Baby I watch you as you speak about all your bad experiences, and my mind can’t seem to take in how someone could even think to bring you so much pain. Let me make you sane. Honey I’d rise up early just to make you breakfast, and make sure your toast is buttered just about as smooth as my caramel brown skin. I would cover you with stinky morning kisses because we just keeping it real and we don’t care how others feel.

Oh honey if only you knew that all the days of blue would end with just us two. You’re probably off giving attention to another but she can’t give you the love you need, my brother.

She can’t sooth your mental in ways that I can. Our oneness wraps up like years of vines around the tops of a roof that has been ignored. My love pours in and you pause to capture my wind, no longer bored. In your mind you can’t stop thinking about how I made you feel. It was scary at first because you were afraid to unlock that door, so unreal. It was the best feeling in the world because you’re so use to nobody pouring in to you, yet my kisses were the sweetness of honey dew reality upon your neck.

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi

So I sit while sipping my late night tea and wonder if you gave me a chance, how amazing things for us both could really be. Why are you afraid of taking this journey with me? We have both been broken by those we felt deserved the best and if not all of our world. Deep inside we were left feeling almost empty….sitting in a car in the middle of the parking lot. Bags packed just longing to go to a place where it all could be forgot.

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi

Longing for the touch of genuine affection, stimulating protection and just someone who we knew admired every single thing that we do.

Sweat dripping from the brow, moonlight dancing in circles upon our backs. Warm wet kisses mixed with deep tunes and soft melodies of unheard music. Hearts open to embrace the medicine needed to heal from the pain…all while mentally whispering our desire for real love again.

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi

And just maybe I’ll call and wish you the best of your day. Maybe I’ll tell you how I want to kiss you with all the sweetness of May. Inwardly I’ll imagine that you’re telling me that you feel the same and that what we experienced was no where close to a one time thang. Oh how I wish to pour out my heart to you daily and for once hear more than just a maybe. The world will assume that I’m wasting my time and I’ll do everything within me to try to free you from my mind.

Part of me just feels as if you belong to my soul….and to go about your day as if part of you is not missing and not whole….is like McDonalds forgetting to add five packets of sugar and two creams to my coffee.

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Art By: Nicholle Kobi





I’m Independent But I Still Need My King!

The rise of the Black Queen understanding her worth and ability to survive despite her Kings being misplaced from their rightful throne has awakened many. We as Queens are being forced to be strong because the society we live in is very different from the days of old, where family and marriage came before all else. Now we are fighting to better educate ourselves in order to gain access to career fields, that now require a higher level of education. We have become independent by force and not so much as by choice.

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To be independent simply means you are creating paths by yourself, and for yourself, without necessarily depending on anyone to do it for you. There was a time when we Queens had to wait on the King to create a path for us, so that we could follow in his footsteps, and lead a successful home for our children. Now in 2017, we are no longer waiting on those paths to be created.

The thing that I have heard a few men suggest, is that women are now so independent that men are feeling as if they are not needed.

Why do my Kings feel that they are no longer needed in our lives ? Is it simply because we are out trying to earn a living and have something to bring to the table? No my King, I for one definitely need you.

My independence is not exempt of my need for a man in my life. I am out working hard daily to create a foundation that will help build the empire I desire to share along beside my future King. Independence for me is not begging a man to make things happen for me, but setting into action my own ability to make those things I desire to happen for myself. I never want to be that woman that is so dependent upon a man that she never accomplishes anything for herself.

I’ve seen to many of my fellow elders fail to educate themselves, or even have their name on anything because they were fully dependent on the man to provide. Shall a storm hit his pockets, how will she be able to help her King?! You need to have something going for yourself independently.

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I want to be that Queen who helps my King out….I’m his helpmate not his room mate.

When we build, it won’t just be him building alone. I want him to know that at any point if it gets tough or something tragic in life occurs, that he still has a Queen beside him that can hold the pillar up to our walls.

I can build alone but I’d rather build together ,so I’m not in full agreement with women who go around saying they don’t need a man for anything. I need my brothers and I feel the governments system has helped to flourish this brainwashed mentally among our black women. The “independent of a man syndrome” began back in slavery. It was during slavery that women watched their husbands get killed, beaten down by the slave owner and even sold. It was at that moment, many of them were forced to survive on their own and take care of children alone. Fast forward to today and you see programs designed to carry on this same venture. Women are freely able to receive Section 8 for housing as long as no man is living with her. Women are able to receive Food stamps as long as they are not married. There are a ton of programs out there to remind women that the good ole system will take care of them and their kids as long as they leave the man out of the picture. The music even went crazy with Artist encouraging women to stand alone and be independent of a man. So while women started pushing their men to the curve and dancing around to being solo, many failed to observe that the very same artists who said they found independence attractive, were the same ones who were married.

What they should have said, is that we admire women who can handle things on their own “IF “we need them to but not women who don’t want us in their life at all. Better yet, we enjoy women who have something going for themselves independently outside of what we are trying to do together. That’s what the music should have said.

   I call it the destruction of the black family household. 

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How can we  leave out our Kings? How can we be fruitful and multiply if we leave out our Kings? Yea of course there are ways to get pregnant without the oneness of you and a man but you still need his sperm. Right? So he is still very much needed.

I love the ability to have a strong shoulder to lean on when times are rough. I enjoy the company and passion of my King beside me. I admire the ability to be able to sit back and relax while allowing my King to be just who he was created to be in my life. Sure I can handle things if I need to but I will never block him from being allowed to be who God placed him to be in my life. I was born in this world alone but who said I had to enjoy it alone?! God did not make man to be alone.

This is just facts and of course my desire to keep a man in the picture is simply my choice. I can definitely independently handle business on my own but he is not exempt from the hustle scene beside me.

We as women have to break that horrid cycle of blocking our Kings out of our lives. Don’t let the system destroy your mind. Stand up for our Kings and stand independently strong beside him.

I’m saying “Baby I got you, if you need me”- NOT – “I don’t need you because I got this”.


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‘Just Feel’ -Poetry by Me (Tanisha D. Davis)

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“When did it become okay not to ‘feel’?
This society we live in…is so unreal.
See its okay to exchange moments as long as you never own it.
Its okay to take in the excitement love brings but to pour out that true joy of it is an uncommon thing.
To say I love you and I think of you every hour of the day could lead to you having your feelings laughed at on public display.
Every heart felt confession is now a screenshot claiming it to be proof of obsession.
Every act of pursuit is now filled with harmful words to pollute the mind and to separate you from reminiscing on the good times.
Man….When did it become okay not to ‘feel’.
Have we really fell down so deep in a hole of false expectations….to the point where seeing anything real is a distasteful infatuation.
Is it wrong to want some joy in the midst of life’s pain. Is it wrong to want some sunshine after a day of heavy rain. Something has to change…does everybody have to be the same. Are we living a life of cloned hearts caught up in a reckless game…the end turning into nothing but new levels of insane.
I want to say how I feel…I want to feel what I say….I don’t want to worry about man made rules…can’t let that get in my way.
I don’t mind expressing my most deepest thought..I can’t change what’s in my heart.
And though that path made lead to a multitude of heart breaks… least I can live free knowing that I did ‘feel’ and that this cloned world never made me fake.”
By: Me – Starr T Davis

Falling In Love With Me Again!

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Fall In Love With You

I have been through so much in life that it is definitely worthy of being composed in a book. Just to alert my readers, I am actually working on a book about my life. I have decided to stop procrastinating this year. But however that is not the topic of this message today.

I have been through so much that was meant to break me down from last year on up to now that your girl is honestly exhausted!

It’s difficult to keep enduring a fight for your happiness when the enemy keeps sending everything your way to break you down.

I woke up yet some how I am surprised to not find my body laying in tiny pieces of porcelain glass in the bed.

I have had the pleasure of receiving a lot of good news this year but also I have received enough bad news to almost knock the good out the park. I feel like I’m fighting on this journey to success with a rag wrapped around my face that’s trying to stop me from breathing.

It seems every time I get happy, I mean really really happy about my life, something horrible happens. The sad part is that the ones who attack you assume they know the full story about you but yet they know nothing at all. I mean they have the slightest clue of what the heck you are dealing with.

So this month is my birthday month and we all know that February is all about that love! This is the month for us to shower those we love with gifts. However I am choosing to sit back and allow myself to be loved from the inside on out. I have encountered so many bad relationships on where I thought with all my heart that I had found the one for me.

My dreams sadly were shattered left and right.

I almost got married but found out that no matter how much I had been doing right in that relationship, he was cheating on me. I mean thats enough right there to break a woman all the way down. Imagine doing all the things you felt were the right things to do and discover that the individual you were doing it for, didn’t appreciate it.

Yea I listened to what men said they wanted for years in a relationship. That woman was me. I cooked, kept a clean home, baked, washed clothes, and performed very well in the bedroom. Even studied different books that showed multiple ways to satisfy your man and yet and still he would rather search outside for another.

That year I lost myself. I slipped into a dark hole and it took a ton of prayer from family who knew what I was dealing with to help bring me back. I literally fell extremely ill because I felt like I just wasn’t enough!

I cried countless nights thinking I just wasn’t enough at all because had I been…he would have never left is what I told myself. It was during this time that I was in school trying to finish up my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

I spent a ton of time in prayer and I told myself that I didn’t want to get to know nobody else any time soon, because that heart break had almost caused me to lose my mind.

Yet that year I met what I felt was the sunshine I needed in my stormy life.

I met who I felt must have been the one.

Yet here I stand today again just weeks before that horrible date when my ex broke up with me. I stand here freeing myself of every hurt and pain that I have been through while searching for who I thought was the right one for me.

Ladies there are some men out there who are living a lie and that lie can tear you into pieces if you allow it to. I refuse to fall apart again so I’m starting off my soon to be 33rd birthday free of a relationship!

No more men lying to me and keeping secrets from me. I am free and falling in love with myself for once in my life. This year if love finds me….it will find me because it caught me staring along side the ocean and enjoying the peace of the waves and the sunshine glistening on its waves. It will never find me because I was out searching for it again. I discovered once again that “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing”….its not my place to go finding my good thing because my good thing will find me.

I’m sure many were so happy for me over the last year because they all just knew I had found my good thing. Yet that was the problem…”I ” had found it.

And no he was never a bad guy, he gave me everything I asked for but he had some inner things that he needed to battle with and that meant removing myself from the situation.

I’ll always love him and I’m sure he will always love me but while he battles himself….I shall go discover the love within myself that got lost along the way. I can honestly say I’m mentally and emotionally tired of broken hearts and discovering that things are not as they appear.

Who knows how the year will turn out for me but at the moment I’m just focusing back on loving me a bit more and a bit harder. Never let the flaws of others steal your joy and tear down your self esteem. It can very easily happen because I have dealt with it and often find myself dealing with it.

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You start feeling like you are not beautiful and that you are not worthy enough of love like all of your peers who are so happily married. Yea I’m about to be 33 with no wedding ring yet and I’m back single again because of secrets.

That can tear any woman apart.

Each time I tell myself to not let it change who I am on the inside. I keep my faith even when I feel like that was the last straw on my sanity. I don’t think men know just how bad the secrets and lies can destroy a woman who genuinely loves them.

I don’t think they have a clue.

So it’s back to me again and who knows…maybe while I’m working on these blessings before me…God will lead love my way.

Oh almost Happy Birthday soon to me!

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Finding Your Way Back To Love After A Break-Up

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Finding Your Way Back To Love

Finding Your Way Back To ‘You’ Can Be A Rough Journey.

Finding your way back to love after a terrible break-up can be difficult. No one likes breaking up but it’s part of everyday life. You find yourself growing further apart from the one you once couldn’t see yourself without. It just happens and sometimes it’s the worst feeling ever to get past.

There are times, that a break up, no matter how it ends can leave individuals on a soul seeking journey. They try to figure out what they did wrong in the relationship and how they can make the next relationship better.

During this time of solitude, one must not hesitate to first get back to loving yourself. When you are in a relationship, all of your time and effort goes into making the other person happy. There are times where you are so wrapped up into making sure the other person is happy that you lose out on remembering the things that once made you happy.

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So many have fallen into the error of trying to jump right back into a relationship due to loneliness, instead of allowing themselves to heal and properly prepare mentally for the next relationship. This can be a tragic mishap when they find themselves suddenly fearful and assuming the next person is going to be just like their last relationship. This happens simply  because they failed to allow healing of the mind and soul. When you break up from any long-term relationship, it is best to at least give yourself a year to spend alone. During this alone time, it is okay to date and just observe what you expect from the next relationship. It is a time to grow in areas that you may have grown weak mentally and physically in.

 Image result for african american man sad

One thing I see a lot of people do is began to punish themselves by thinking that just because a long term relationship did not work out, that they were at fault. You may have done everything you have known to do in that relationship that was deemed right in your eyes, but they still walked away. Do not let that punish you. Often times we have to look back at how a person grew up. Some people do not know how to love nor how to handle being treated well. It would seem that everyone in life is seeking something good for themselves, yet everyone honestly is not. If the world evolved around people always wanting the better good for themselves, then people would eat healthier and maintain those gym memberships right?


Understand that just because the person who left you did not appreciate what you had to offer, does not mean something was wrong with you.

You should continue to be the best person you know how to be and one day someone will appreciate all that you have to offer.

 Image result for african american man doing yoga

So while you journey back to discovering true love, continue to work on becoming the best version of you. Be open to new things, and by all means, let go of past hurts and do not hold the new love accountable for the past encounters.

True love is right around the corner for you if you allow yourself to be open to receiving it. This means you began now tearing down that brick wall from the past hurt. Go into your garden, and uproot all the weeds in your life, and clip off those dead leaves.

Now is the time for new beginnings. The past is simply just that, it has no hold on you nor serves as a hindrance for the love you shall receive.

Embrace You & Return To Self!

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5 Questions All Single Men Should Ask When Dating!

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5 Questions Every Single Man Should Ask

Before you get too serious…

Is the new woman in your life a keeper or a player?

 Questions all single men should definitely consider asking any woman prior to making a commitment. Now we have read over a dozen books and articles that are giving the women tips on what to ask a man or what to look for in a man that she assumes will be a potential spouse. However we have not read up on too many novels dedicated to helping the men out.

 Single Men before you get too attached, lets pump those hormonal brakes and find out what she is really all about. You need to ask basic questions so that you can gain some understanding of where her head is, and if she will be a potential partner for the night or for the future.


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                           1. What are your short-term or long- term goals?

  This question is very important because you need to know exactly what she has going for herself. How can a Queen help out the King if she has no desires to do anything greater in life. You want a woman who will build with you and bring ideas to the table. You don’t want to marry a woman who has no plans for the future and just follows you around like a shadow while you make all the decisions. 


                       2. What are your views on Relationships or Marriage?

 This is a great question to ask because you need to find out if she believes in things that you oppose of in a relationship/marriage. You could be getting yourself involved with a woman who believes the opposite of you, and that can cause division and confusion along the way. There are so many women who are married or in a relationship, that live the lives of single women. Your goal is not to look for a woman who is perfect but for a woman who is a perfect fit for you. So many believe that opposites attract but honestly there must still be a common ground between the two of you to make it work.

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                                        3. What do you think about me?

 This may seem hilarious to ask but trust me, you need to know what a woman is thinking about you just as much as she wants to know what you think about her. When you ask this question, be quiet and observe. Observe for body language and look her in the eyes when she talks. The last thing you want to do is waste your time with a woman who is playing games with you and may only be interested in your finances more than she is into you. 

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                       4. What kind of relationship do you have with God?

 Many avoid asking these questions because they feel that someone’s beliefs should not affect you pursuing a relationship with them. However it is very important to know what type of person you are dealing with. She might seem to be the love of your life but she may be an atheist. She may worship Satan three times a day. So you need to know where her spiritual life resides. You need to be sure that again as stated before that you both share some common ground. 

 Image result for african american man holding money


5. How well are you with managing money?

                                   Money makes the world go around right?

Then nothing can mess up your relationship than trying to build up your finances with a woman who loves to spend more than she loves to save. You will find yourself in some financial debt sooner or later. You can always take full control over the finances but eventually you will have a battle when she is complaining about wanting to purchase things while you both are trying to save for something greater. So be sure she can at least manage to keep a budget and not blow all of your money.

 These are simply just a few top questions to ask the women that you are pursuing with hopes of later becoming a potential partner for you. Every man needs a woman who will help to bring out the best in him as well as be his backbone. You need more than just a pretty face standing around you collecting dust and nagging about everything she feels you are not doing to make her happy. 

   Take some time to ask questions before you decide to have a future with anyone.