Rhonesha Howerton Is A Game Changer in the Philadelphia Community

Serving her Philly community as a mentor, motivational speaker, and community activist, she has started her business, Queening Mentorship Program, designed to help young girls.  Over the course of eight weeks, they practice unity, self-love, learning to have a healthy self-image, as well as introductory education into entrepreneurship. For young males, she started a free 1-week program for basketball skills and development. During this training camp, they focus on goal-setting, love, humility, good sportsmanship, and demonstrations of leadership.

Her most recent community endeavors were creating a free credit workshop for black men ages 16 & up, and a college tour where she used her knowledge and experiences to help educate and guide our youth. She now is actively working to tour Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities to engage inmates in financial literacy and understanding as a way of reform.

Photo Credit: Ricky Codio

What inspired you to start the Queening Mentorship Program?

“Honestly I was and still am concerned with the way black women are exploited and viewed through mass media outlets. Imaging is everything to our youth and social media, celebrities and TV has our young Queens thinking that certain behaviors are acceptable. Our youth need proper guidance and we are all responsible as a whole. Our community has to come together and make sure we are giving these children all the tools they need to be great and successful. At the end of the day they will be next up to lead, guide, influence and educate our communities.”

What are some ways you give back to the community?

“My free Queening mentorship program which empowers young black teen girls to go after their dreams by building self-confidence, self-love, respect, intelligence, drive and ambition. After completing our program they discover special powers and strength within themselves that they never knew they had. I also offer free credit repair and credit building workshops to our community. I have helped hundreds of people in my community become first time home buyers, and some of them are first generation homeowners.”

Do you feel like our black community doesn’t take the importance of good credit history serious enough?

“I feel like they don’t only because a lot of us have never been taught the importance of having good credit. There is a major lack of financial literacy in the black community. And a lot of us just don’t understand the basic fundamentals because we never received the information needed to obtain good credit or maintain it. And we usually discover that we need good credit to make major purchases and to gain access to capital to leverage and by that time its already too late.”

What are some initial steps to take for someone looking to repair their credit scores?

“Do a thorough review of your credit profile on all open, closed and derogatory accounts. Start disputing any negative accounts that are reporting inaccurately, start credit building ASAP to create some good positive payment history especially if you don’t have any active trade lines open and are currently reporting. You can also ask a trustworthy, responsible family member, friend or relative who cares about their own personal credit, who has excellent payment history to add you to a few of their revolving credit accounts as an authorized user.”

What are some of the benefits of utilizing credit verses cash?

“Most investors use financing or banking capital to invest, create residual income, or to expand their businesses. America is ran off of credit and if you do not understand credit at a young age you will more than likely fall behind. Credit if used the right way can create wealth. Once you understand the borrowing money to make money concept, you can begin to invest in ventures that will eventually produce more revenue and residual income. Credit can be the start of a strong financial portfolio. A 700 credit score is more valuable than $100,000 cash.”

Rhonesha also recently released her book “Queening” which is available now at www.neeshspeaks.com!
Photo Credit: Ricky Codio


“QUEENING, was produced to empower women while advocating the significance of adopting a “WINNING” mindset. With this book, my mission is to inspire women to embrace their God given right to view themselves as a Queen.  In turn, I have coined the phrase, ‘As a Queen who is winning in life, you are therefore QUEENING.’

If you enjoy what Rhonesha Howerton is doing to help the youth and would like to connect with her then keep up with her now on Social Media to learn more and support what she is doing to help our young future leaders of tomorrow!

Instagram: @maseratineesh

For advice about restoring or building a better credit score then visit her website, www.creditmedics101.com




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