Cardi B Says Your Favorite Artists Have Ghost Writers

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yasss Cardi

Cardi B’s new fashion nova capsule launch was all over the internet. The FN x Cardi collaborative line sold out shortly after its launch, breaking a new record for the retailer. “So my Fashion Nova collection sold out a couple of hours ago, and I would like to say thank you to everybody that purchased and I’m sorry for anybody that couldn’t get to it,” she said on Instagram. “We will be restocking some items for Black Friday. And we will restock the collection in two or three weeks.” Cardi B always loved the trendy and affordable clothes fashion nova has to offer. Clothes can be pretty expensive so, Cardi wanted her line to be cute and affordable for her fans.


Cardi performed on stage during her launch party and once she got on stage she had sad a couple words to her fans.”All your favorite artists got writers,” she told the crowd. “Even the ones that be saying they don’t, they lying.”  Cardi later added that it doesn’t matter, at least she’s getting paid.

here is the vid of her performing



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