According to TMZ News, the rescue shelters have literally been lifesavers for thousands of displaced people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, but there has been some grousing over a disparity in the food served to the evacuees and the food served to the volunteers.

It seems there are bigger fish to fry though because some say that some evacuees at the Convention Center are complaining that they are served hot dogs, beans and chips, while the volunteers are getting pasta, rice, brownies, waffles and various beverages, included malts and shakes.

Sources state that there are thousands of evacuees and it’s a lot harder and more expensive to serve them than the volunteers who are there.

Its being said that the reason for the disparity is that people are bringing food in from the outside specifically for the volunteers.

Everyone is appreciative of the efforts people have made to provide food, shelter and comfort to the thousands of people in desperate need.

How do you feel about this topic? Does it matter who is eating better to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.