Image result for jada pinkett all eyez producer exclusively reports, LT Hutton, the producer behind the Tupac movie “All Eyez On Me”, is responding to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s most recent comments. As you know, Jada has spoken publicly about how she dislikes the way her relationship with the late rapper was portrayed in the film. In a recent interview, Jada stated,

“What you’re seeing in regards to my relationship with 2Pac is not true. My relationship with Pac would have shown people a true—what he truly was. Cause it’s one thing to see Pac’s persona, publicly, and who he was personally.”

“I felt like it was exploitative of me and Pac – how they used our relationship to sell a movie. And I just felt like it was tomb raiding, in regards to Pac. I feel like we as black people, we have got to protect those individuals that we say are important to us, to our history and to our culture. We can not expect other people to do that if we’re not willing to do that ourselves. Pac is precious to us.”

Hutton has responded to her comments, telling us exclusively,

First off, she had 4 scenes. [There’s] no way that they could sell a movie off that.

He also shared a photo dated for July 2016, with Jada on set chatting with Demetrius Shipp Jr., the actor who played Tupac.

EXCLUSIVE: Tupac Movie Producer LT Hutton Blasts Jada Pinkett-Smith: We did NOT misrepresent you in "All Eyez On Me"!

Hutton also noted that Jada discussed her relationship in a 2015 interview.

Hutton adds,

From her own words!!! I repeat, where did I misrepresent her? The only conversation that did not happen was I wanted Tupac [to] tell the world about what she meant to him, so I let him through a poem he wrote, [to] also show his poetic artistry side.

Well okay then. Maybe Jada was hoping to have more expressed in the movie. It appears that after her latest interview that the love for Tupac is still very present. May not have been a Will and Jada had Tupac still been around.