You Can’t Make Them Appreciate You

We all would like to believe that if we do all we can for the ones that we love, it will lead to them appreciating us more. Right?

Truth is that, not everyone is going to have the same heart as you and treat you the same way that you treat them.

You can be that woman/man who is supportive of their dreams and goals and still find yourself in a situation where they treat you like nothing you ever did was good enough for them. I believe the worst feeling in the world is feeling like you are not good enough for the one you love.

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When you care about a person, you will do whatever you can to help them. It sucks to be there supporting them on their path to success and trying to create avenues for them in their career only for them to turn around and shut you out. The only thing you can do is move on and leave toxic people like that alone. Our greatest problems come from thinking that, “If I just keep showing them I love them, then maybe one day they will see and love me back”. But truth be told is that, the one day you are seeking may never come.

If a person doesn’t show you that they appreciate what you are doing for them right now, then what makes you think that years from now, your hard effort will mean anything more to them? True enough, some people do change because it does take time for them to realize that they don’t have nobody else willing to be there for them like you. Then there are those who will just continue to drain you of all the work they can get out of you to help get them to the top and then they will toss you to the side.

People who don’t appreciate you will use you and take you on an emotional roller-coaster to get what they need out of you. There are sadly people in this world who will play off of the fact that you like them just so they can get ahead. Being intimate with you, taking a few trips with you, are all just staged acts to get you to believe that some form of feelings exist for you. If you have some form of hope that the feelings are there hidden within them, then you’ll find yourself ignoring the foul treatment.

When a person cares and appreciates you, they won’t do anything to mislead or hurt you.

If you are finding yourself constantly emotional and upset or confused about the mixed signals you are receiving from someone you care about then honey you need to step back from that and let that person be.

I know you care about them deeply, and you really want to do all you can to prove how you feel about them by supporting them, but if its breaking you down then its not good for you. Let go of toxic relations and wait for the one who will come along and show you with their actions that you mean something to them and that they appreciate everything you desire to do for them.

You can’t build if the feelings are one sided. You love them but they only see you as beneficial to their needs and nothing more.

You don’t want to spend a lifetime with a person who will use you up and steal your joy. So pay attention to the red flags you are seeing early on and be smart about choosing to continue on with someone who keeps showing you that you are not valuable to their life.




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Tanisha "Starr" Davis is known for her Creative Writing, Poetry, Celebrity Interviews & more! She is also the Creator of the Blog known as Starrdom100 & is the Radio Host for Starrdom100 Blog Talk Radio Show. She is now a journalist for Sheen Magazine and her work has been featured in Sheen Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, The Queen Dynasty & more. She inspires others daily to believe in themselves & push to reach their goals!

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