Sanaa Lathan Refuses to Starve Herself for Anybody!

Sanaa Lathan Refuses To Starve Herself: “I’ve never been a skinny girl. I like to eat.”


Sanaa Lathan Refuses to Starve herself for Anybody!
Sanaa Lathan


Sanaa Lathan refuses to allow people to cause her to feel pressured about her weight. In fact, she loves her body and laughs off reports in the past that have speculated that she was pregnant.


“That was just a meal. I’m not a skinny girl. Never have been a skinny girl. And I like to eat and I’m not going to starve myself.”

“I’m going to live my life and you know sometimes I get a bad angle and the blogs are the blogs and people like a story for a minute. I don’t starve myself ever.”

Sanaa Lathan is not about to starve herself for anybody!
Sanaa Lathan

 Sanaa, who has worked in the business since a child, admits that she’s developed a thick skin. We all know that being in the spotlight is both a blessing and a cursing. Society tells us that we have to look a certain way and maintain a certain image in order for people to accept us. I’m glad that Sanaa is not allowing the opinions of others to encourage her to go make drastic changes to her body. We dwell in a world where today everyone is so superficial and it is very common for people to undergo surgeries and as Sanaa mentioned…even starve themselves. Simply just to make those angles and pictures in the magazine look good.

Sanaa Lathan is not about to starve herself for anybody!
Sanaa Lathan


“Being in this business is such a blessing but you gotta know, it’s no joke. The business is hard because all eyes are on you. Everybody is a critic and as a woman – it’s like on duty off duty – every picture. Now in the age of social media…You have to develop a steel exterior. You have to get to the point where you just laugh about sh*t. It rolls off you.”

 Check out her thoughts in the video below on diversity and Hollywood during the first annual All Def Movie Award Ceremony last year.

“I know for a fact that seeing yourself reflected on screen and the stories of the time creates self-esteem, self-worth and self-image.”


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